Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Have you noticed the growing communistic nature of the Obama campaign solutions? ACORN is destroying the validity of our voting system. Obama wants to be Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor…which is simply a euphemism for Communism. He wants to ignore the honest people in this country who have worked hard and paid their mortgages on time, and take money from them to give to the people who dishonestly bought houses they knew they could not afford…and now demand that their mortgages be paid by other taxpayers.

OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST CLEAR AND SIMPLE. The question is do you want a communist for president of the United States of America?


Anonymous said...

Socialism: If you own two cows you give one to your neighbour.

Communism: You give both cows to the government and the government gives you back some of the milk.

Fascism: You keep the cows but give the milk to the government, which sells some of it back to you.

New Dealism: You shoot both cows and milk the government.

Anonymous said...


thank you jesus for capitalists who can read chain letters and bass them off as their own

I would hate to think that it was communist to take someone else's creative thoughts, and copy and paste them and say that they were your own, when those ideas have been circulating on the internet for about six years now. Thank you for perpetuating plagiarism for passing that off as your own.

You support a free market yes? So does a free market involve you taking the creative output of another and putting your initials or cyber signature at the end without crediting it?

As I said to newsgnome in another post, please stop posting e-mail forwards. 8 year old girls can do that.... and you wonder why liberals think you all are stupid.

I used to want to debate with you all. I used to really want t talk with you all, to understand you're points of view. but take pride in realizing that your resistance to discussion, your insistance on absolutism, made me want to vote for anyone that you all refused to consider.

If you want to take bride in anything in either of your lives that will last beyond the deaths of your children, then know that you inspired the next great american novelist to extremes that i would have not normally took, but I would rather die than leave your ignorance unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

Anon-I never claimed that to be my own but thanks for your critique.
Calling me a capitalist is like calling Obama a democrat. He clearly is not,he is a socialist who wants to take his country in that direction which does nothing to help a society but create more poor people who depend on the government. Why do you think all the rich Hollywood and Bands support him? They have so much money they won't feel it.
All socialism does and believe me that's what he wants if you actually listen. It creates bigger government with more politicians who have more to gain than the Wall Street Crowd.
Sorry but I don't want it,I don't like it and I should not be made to feel I am less than human for not wanting it. This guy wants to "change" the whole American society and play Robin Hood.
Socialism if left unchecked can easily turn into communism and from some of the nastiness I've seen from some of these democrats I don't trust them with mine and my family's well being. It's a dangerous path he wants us to follow him on and if we are going down I will not go down quietly.
He may have some people fooled but I can see passed the eloquence and the smile. He's charismatic and he is the kind of leader that socialist societies have and the potential of becoming more corrupt than you have ever seen in your lifetime. He hired law enforcement to go after people who spke out about him. And this is before he is president?
Can I just add anyone who votes for him is a fool. Yu will relize that when you have no job or you are poying 40% income tax. maybe you can afford it but 90% of working Americans cannot and shouldn't have to. It's just wrong.

NewsGnome said...

Good comment TOS. There are those who think they are smarter than everybody else and can't help themselves in telling just how smart they believe they are.

He doesn't like the fact that we occasionally post things off the web. That fact that it is an email or you quote an email doesn't make it wrong.

If Obama thinks he's Robin Hood, first of all that makes him a thief by definition. Communism is the natural conclusion of Robin Hoodism because it's simply taking money from one and giving to another, and Obama will keep lots for himself too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks NG-These people are so blindsided they will be happy to fork it over because they are handing over to a smiling guy.
Too bad they will have to find out the hard way.
I saw George Soros on Bill Moyers and here is a guy who is laying out his plan for our country who is Obama's endless funding and heis a billionaire making money from his world programs and ruining economies as he goes.
Obama isn't running,he is.
And Bill Moyers sitting there kissing up to him. Pretty pathetic.

NewsGnome said...

TOS, It's not surprising that Soros is on with Moyers...he funds Moyers program through another "moveon" type liberal organization. The name of which escapes me at the moment, but Soros pay Moyers bills. NG

Anonymous said...

Think about this for about 5 seconds. The commercial sector has been underpaying the labor across this country and mounting record profits. So much so that companies spend MILLIONS of dollars to put their name on the outside of a sports stadium, or sponsor a professional athlete that makes enough money in his job he can sponsor him/her self.

It is pathetic to think about the profits that are not even close to fairly distributed amongst those who create them.

Exxon Mobil in 2007 posted $39.5 BILLION in clean and clear profits with 106,000 employees. You do the math and see if you can come up with why they are sponsoring new stadiums and the employees are going bankrupt and losing their houses. Yes... over $300,000. PER EMPLOYEE!

I believe that Obama/McCain should actually base the tax rates of companies on their percentage of revenue paid in salary combined with the percentage of profit distributed to the employees. Exxon Mobil would be nothing but an old busted name without the American People that drive that bus.

McCain has the right idea with letting loose the taxes on the companies... as long as it goes to salary, not just to the bottom line or some piss poor marketing that nobody wants to see in the first place.

As far as I am concerned, if the companies that are milking our labor for all it is worth and posting record profits (I realize some profits are necessary for business) but not sharing it with those employees... I'm all for letting the government cut into those profits and distributing it across the nation. As long as the 300M americans all get an equal cut... knock it out of the Exxon Mobil Stadium Obama!

NewsGnome said...

W....have you ever run a business, made a payroll or paid corporate or business taxes of any kind? Your post is the very definition of socialism, Obama's favorite government system. "We need to spread the wealth." Obama hasn't run anything...he is being run by the Democrats...and told what to say and think...he's an empty suit who is only capable of reading off a was evident in the third debate.

Have you ever benefited from profit sharing, stock retirement programs paid partially or all by the employer. Obviously not. You're like Obama no experience in running anything other than his mouth.