Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I used to think Democrats were just politically stupid. Now, I think they’re fundamentally evil in distorting the truth so utterly about the Bush economy just to gain political power. They claim America's economy is going down the tubes. But they have to remove their brains, put them in a blender, turn them to puree and pour it back into their heads through their ears to be able to come to that conclusion.

The stock market is flirting with numbers that could surpass the highs during the Clinton bubble faux economy.

America's employment remains at levels as good or higher levels than the Clinton years, income is up, spending is strong, inflation is in check, unemployment is staying below levels during most of the Clinton years, and to top it off....the deficit is plummeting! And, the truest measure of all TAX COLLECTIONS are at record highs despite the tax cuts that the Democrats hate so much.

Tax collections are the real test of economic success and boy is America smokin' when it comes to collections. The BUSH economy, collected the largest single amount of taxes ever collected in one day.

Democrats think high taxes bring in more revenues to the Government. NOT TRUE....a stronger economy does! WAY TO GO GEORGE.


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Anonymous said...

They act like they hate the tax cuts so much but what they really want to do is raise them.Yours and mine.