Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The “Path to 9-11" was a dramatic representation of the failure of the worst president in this century. But you have to have read between the lines to get the real story, because the scapegoated sucker in this mini-series was George Tenet.

If you think George Tenet wasn’t told by the Bill and Hillary how and when to breath, you don’t understand what terminal control freaks these two are. They made every decision based on how it would make them look, including every issue in the "Path to 911" during their administration.

It did show the total failure of the Clinton presidency, but sadly, did not show those making the real decisions...and it wasn’t George Tenet. Even Clinton's refusal to talk to people so he didn't have to make a decision, was and is a common thread of Clinton's administration. Tenet was a puppet whose every movement was pulled by the strings tightly controlled by Bill and Hillary. He did nothing on his own despite what the series portrayed. PERIOD!

Once again, the Hollywood left, namely big Democrat contributor, Robert A. Iger of ABC, attempted to hide the failure of Clinton behind the blame of Tenet. Now maybe Tenet will tell the truth about the Clintons, but I’m not going to hold my breath. NG


Bialynia said...

You poor misguided fool, I feel sorry for people like you. Blinded by foolish bullet points instead of the truth. The Path to 9/11 did scapegoat Tenet, but ignored what Bush failed to do. Let me ask you some questions and see if you know the answers:

What did Bill Clinton tell Condie Rice and the Bush administration was the biggest threat to America before he left office?

What did the Bush administration do with this info?

What did Bush and Condie do with the August 6, 2001 presidential daily briefing entitled Bin Laden determined to strike in US? Did Bush read it?

Who increased counter-terrorism spending by 400% and initiated the first homeland security program in forty years?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What did Bush and Condie do with the August 6, 2001 presidential daily briefing entitled Bin Laden determined to strike in US? Did Bush read it?
The same thing that Gore did when he was in charge of Airport Security.
So Bush got the memo in August and Clinton knew about BinLaden's threat for how long? And how many times di Clinton refuse to take out BinLaden? Even when Sudan offered him up he refused.

NewsGnome said...

BIANYNIA, I have one rule on my blog. Please identify yourself at the end of the comments in the body of the copy with any handle you chose or I won't respond. I will on this first comment only. (two or three letters or numbers are perferred)

And I feel sorry for mind-numbed robots like you. You spout the moveon.org talking points ad infinitum and can’t see beyond the paper from which you’re reading. Since you like to ask questions, let me ask a few.

If Bill Clinton and his minions claim to have told the Bush Administration terrorism was the main issue in America, (which is a big leap considering Clinton's perpetually lying) why did he fail to take bin Laden when he had three or more accurately, four chances?

If Bill Clinton felt “terrorism” was the biggest threat to America, why did he fail at every turn when confronted with six major terrorist attacks during his 8 years in office and instead identify them as just “police matters”?

If Bill Clinton felt terrorism was the biggest threat, why did he spend so much time in the oval office with Monica under his desk?

If Bill Clinton felt terrorism was the biggest threat, why did he turn off his phones and refuse to take calls when threats were reported and critical operatives attempted to get in touch with him?

If Bill Clinton was “obsessed” with bin Laden as he claims, why did he fail to take an “unindicted conspirator” into custody for the first WTC bombings when the Sudanese offered him on a silver platter, which Clinton was recorded on tape admitting he refused to do?

If Bill Clinton was so effective in fighting terrorism, why were there six major attacks on American soil and American assets and why has there been only one during the Bush Administration despite numerous terrorist plans and efforts?

If Bill Clinton increased an unidentified “homeland security program” (your claim, by the way, is specious since you can attach any spending to this unidentified program and call it an HSP)why do you refused to identify it specifically since percentages are meaningless, including the original budget dollar amounts and the increased budget dollar amounts?

If Bill Clinton increased a program that you identify as a “homeland security” program, why did he fail so miserably in obtaining the critical intelligence necessary to stop 911 which was totally planned during most of his pathetic administration?

Why did Bill Clinton turn his back on the threats of radical Muslims who got away with murder because he gutted the CIA/FBI efforts using political hack Jamie Gorelick’s “Wall” that destroyed communications between intelligence agencies?

Did Clinton read the daily briefing entitled “bin Laden” since he failed to make any effort to capture or kill bin Laden when he had at least three or four chances?

If the “Path to 9-11" scape-goated Tenet as you agreed was the case, exactly who were the producers of this program trying to protect? Here’s a hint: his initials are Bill Clinton?

If Bill Clinton was so worried about terror, and he obviously did nothing to fight it during his administration except bomb an aspirin factory and shoot a missile up a camel’s butt, why did he proceed to gut the military?

I suggest you go back and do your homework and get some new far-left talking points. Better yet, email moveon.org, or bringiton.com (ps: be careful of BIO, they like to censor your comments if you disagree with them) or democratunderground.com and suggest they get some new conspiracy theorists to develop at least one new idea. Better even than that, why don’t you help America win the war on terror instead of fighting the effort. During WWII both left and right in America joined the battle to defeat the same kind of fascism we face today, and you and your friends are helping the enemy by your efforts.

Bill Clinton had 6 deadly terror attacks during his administration. Bush has had just one, which was only 8 months 20 days into his administration while the Democrats delayed his cabinet appointments in every way possible for political reasons shorting even more the time before 911.

Who is the more effective fighter of terrorism, the one who gets hit six times and does nothing, or the one who get hit once and stops all further attacks cold.