Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Bill Clinton said Bush had 8 months to get bin Laden. At the same time in those first 8 months of the Bush administration, Clintonistas and congressional Dumocrats did everything they could to foul up the transition between the Clinton to Bush transition delaying the full-functioning of Bush's administration.

Bush had 8 months, Bill Clinton had 8 years and failed, failed, failed and failed, to get bin Laden. Clinton failed or refused to kill or take bin Laden four times. The reason Clinton turned blue at Wallace’s question was that he knew he screwed up and was attempting to blame someone else...his normal M.O.


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Anonymous said...

Another thing everyone seems to ignore or not tell us is that the memo Bush got was Aug 6,2001 so technically it wasn't 8 months but actually one month. So where was this memo all this time? Maybe down Sandy Bergers pants,lol.