Thursday, September 07, 2006


Not more than a month or so ago, Hollywood elites won a court verdict demanding that a company editing out gratuitous sex, bloody violence and detestable language from movies cease and desist. It put the company out of the business of cleaning up the filth that is Hollywood and their movies.

In other words it’s heresy to edit their films.

Now Bill Clinton and the Clintonistas are demanding precisely the same thing...that is force ABC to edit a carefully crafted story about everything leading up to 911. Why aren’t these same Hollywood hypocrites telling the Clintons to shut up? Well they’re demanding that the films be edited too, trying to censor the 5 hour movie to fit Clintonistas strained version of the truth.

Did the Democrats demand that Fahrenheit 911, so full of edited lies, demand that it be they applauded Michael Moore’s lies.

Hypocrisy and censorship dominates Democrat thinking if they feel threatened. If the lies are about Republicans it’s OK.


Anonymous said...

If they were sooo concerned about getting to the truth then they should have been all over F-9/11. But as long as it's Bush bashing they don't care about the truth.
I wonder what they would be saying if Bush was trying to stop F-9/11 from airing. They would be against him saying it's an abuse of power.
So where are the apologies from months of shows about the untruths of the Valerie Plame leak story?

NewsGnome said...

Funny, I haven't read an apology either about the Plame case with an I'm sorry to Karl Rove. NG