Sunday, February 04, 2007


Would pulling out of Iraq would end the Islmofacist's terrorists war on America? To listen to the Hate-ocrats you would think that it would. But all it would do is shift the battlefield to the streets of Europe and America and eventually the whole world.

Hillary Clinton is sounding more and more like Richard Nixon. To quote the former first lady "You have to have 60 votes to cap troops, to limit funding to do anything. If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will." Amazingly, she actually believes that by ending America's involvement in Iraq it will stop the terrorists war on America.

The sad part is that more American deaths will occur in America. When America cut and ran in Vietnam, an estimated 3 to 5 million more people died, thanks to Communism. The killing didn't stop, we weren't there to stop it. Fortunately, at the time, the Communists in South East Asia didn't have the capacity to attack us on our own soil.

Today our enemies have that capacity and its growing every day. And everyday the left says ignore the nuclear capabilities of Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia and the rest of the world's wild-eyed Islamofacists. The deaths of Americans will happen in America and Hillary Clinton and her Hate-ocrats will be the ones who bring it to our streets. Here's how it will happen:

1. Islamofacists will soon demand separate states in France, followed by Germany and the Scandinavian countries. With native European and Russia birthrates at all time lows, Euros won't have either the capacity nor the will to stop it. The Chiaric/Chamberslains will attempt to appease in every way possible as they always have. The question then becomes: Will Americans have the stomach to stop it?....the answer will be a resounding NO! This time, France will be taken over. Once an Islamic state within France with Sharia Law is established, it will be expanded to include all Europeans and it will be either convert to Islam or die. Radical Muslims will flood to Europe because there will be no one to stop them.

2. So-called moderate Muslims will continue to be quiet and sit by and watch as their opportunity for real freedom is destroyed by their own religion-of-hate. They'll be totally devoured by Taliban-type rules imposed on all women, including the elimination of all competing religions, by death if necessary.

3. Once the American's former European allies have been defeated from within, American radical Muslims will come out of the closet, or Mosques where their preaching has been to teach violence and hatred of American values. As they have been doing all along. Hillary and her politically-correct-cadres will have silenced all voices of decent in this country against even the radicals in America. Islamofacists will use the resources of Europe to Attack America.

4. Suicide bombings will become as common place in America as they are in Baghdad. Again, Hillary will be president, and like her husband before her, she will call it a "police matter." The terrorists will have won and it will only be a matter of time until all Muslims will be radicalized by force. "Converts" will also be forced into the battle against the infidels. Yesterday we saw it with Hitler. Tomorrow we'll see it with Islam.

5. A choice to use of nuclear weapons will be rejected to fight the radicals because of environmentalists. Their argument will be, of course, better to be Islamic than hurt mother earth. They will say: " The Muslim radicals, are after all, promoting our goals of the elimination of a technologically advanced society." Radical Muslims want to return to the 14th century and to today's environmentalists that's just fine. No nuclear power, less global warming, save the animals (those not used in ritual sacrifice), it sounds good to the Earth Firsters.

6. Capitulate, appease (until the Islmofacists take over) and deny. It's the same scenario Hitler used with a few twists, only this time, America will not be prepared to respond because Hillary will have gutted our military, our will and our ability to defend ourselves.

7. The final choice will be all out nuclear war, or conversion to Islam. In today's world I suspect, Americans will accept the latter. The battle of Armageddon has begun. A group of "celebrity environmentalists" recently announced that the world has ten years before it's destruction caused by Global Warming. But the heat they’re talking about, the fiery war of doom that could easily start in earnest in that amount of time, will have been started by the nuclear explosions launched by Islamofacists and responded to my other nuclear powers, and that will definitely be man-made global warming.

Now where did I put my wife's burqa?


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how people are giving into the Islamic influence. Europe is sure almost there. Did you see something on TV about how they want to build a "Grand Mosque" in England? I'll bet they succeed with that. It has a capacity of 40,000 people.Just more to spread the hate. Why are people so afraid to admit to what is going on around them?

NewsGnome said...

It's plain getting scary. People have their heads in the sand. NG