Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Have you ever noticed that when liberals want to do something, they engage an often obscure and usually esoteric study designed and formulated to support whatever position they want to advance.

Once the study is done, it’s presented to the liberal mainstream media which actively disseminate it for the left. They’re then off to the races in promoting the idiocy de jour that is fiberalism.

UNICIF has rather arrogantly decided it knows how to define happiness in children, and has ruled that Britain’s children are in last place in the happiness category. Interestingly enough, Britain has some of the strictest rules against almost all forms of disciplining of children in the countries to which it was compared. The study reads that “Britain lagged behind on key measures of poverty and deprivation, happiness, relationships, and risky or bad behavior, the study showed.” (Newsmax) Is it any wonder? When children are totally undisciplined they have risky or bad behavior and have no motivation to do well.

Of course, this study has nothing to do with children, and has everything to do with the UN attempting to influence English politics by trying to put Tony Blair out of office.


Anonymous said...

This was posted on BIO today and this was my reply:
Too bad they can’t take all those taxes and parking tickets you guys pay for they could do something constuctive with it instead of putting the money back into programs to collect even more money.

NewsGnome said...

The arrogance of fiberals is really astounding. They're so full of hate and yet say they can define happiness. Amazing! Don't get on BIO much, what's the point. I check it out every few months, but it's still the same and I'm busier that ever at the moment. NG

Anonymous said...

I need to go there just for,well you know why.