Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Are you getting as tired of the global warming lies as I am? We have been told ad nauseam that global warming caused by man is responsible for more and nastier hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is claiming that “La Nina” is coming and will increase the threat of more hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Which is it MAN or is it NATURE? Scientists can’t even tell you what causes La Nina or El Nino yet they’re two of the major causes of weather fluctuations and doom and gloom GW prognosticators still don’t know why.

But folks, the tide is turning and it’s against the concepts preached by global warming alarmists. The more shrill and dogmatic they get the more obvious the cracks in their science become.



Anonymous said...

What I can't stand is how they are hailing Al Gore. If he has been so passionate about Global Warming why was he so lax on it during his term but used it against the Bush/Quayle campaign and here he is again to make people think if he runs in '08 or any other democrat for that matter they are going to save the planet. He is all about the money. Like that stupid Oscar he won. What a sideshow that was. He was getting that Oscar the minute that so-called documentary hit the theaters.
The guy has nothing else but his religion of Global Warming. Yes I agree we should all do our part but the guy is using it for political gain and to hit up companies with yet another democrat tax hike.Like the phony actors pulling up to the Oscars in their hybrid cars. Last year a reporter saw one of them getting out of a limo and into a hybrid down the block from where the Academy awards was being held. I'm sure this year they made sure no reporters were around when they did that.

NewsGnome said...

The latest I've been hearing is that because of the Oscar, Gore is now thinking about entering the presidential race.
Then the Hollywood Hypocrites using their money to buy the right to pollute is amazing. Getting out of their limo and into the hybrid is a hoot...but typical. NG