Friday, February 16, 2007


I was watching James Woods new television show “Shark recently which was blatantly anti-Christian.” As with other typically liberal shows, the bad guy was a committed- Christian Judge who was a closet homosexual and who murdered his wife.

This is a favorite scenario for Hollywood script writers. I’ve seen it a half dozen time at least with the same anti-Christian closet homosexual script. Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Law and Order Criminal Intent and any number of “who done it” shows all anti-Christian who are closet gays.

There are two interesting issues. First, Christianity is the only religion that can be criticized. Woods script was blatantly anti-Christian and he delivered his lines with relished venom. Secondly they also illustrate these producers are rabidly anti-homosexual with Gays apparently having a proclivity to become murderers if they’re openly Christian and closet gays. But it’s more important to disparage Christians, in anyway possible.

These kinds of shows have not featured Muslims, where their religion is besmirched in every way possible with fathers and brothers murdering sisters in honor killings. The charges are always deflected for Muslims because it would be political incorrect. Jews,Scientologists, Hindus or Buddhists are given a pass....only Christians seem to be the target for the fiberal Hollywood left. That’s because many writers are Jews and they don’t write negatively about themselves, big stars are Scientologists. It just wouldn’t do to get them angry. Muslims would just as soon shoot the writers. Hindus and Buddhists are too far off the American norm so that leaves Christians.

If this sounds bigoted, so be it. It’s the Hollywood writers and producers that have made it that way.


Anonymous said...

Although I am not a religious person I have had it with the Christian bashing. I know the main reason they are doing it because Bush is Christian. I guess if he were Muslim then Hollywood would get a free pass to bash Muslims. Although I a not quite sure about that.It's getting pretty ridiculous how they go searching for this stuff like it affects their lives so much but if they have to go searching for it I guess it really isn't having any impact on them.

NewsGnome said...

Tos, the interesting thing to me is that if you talk to any Holocaust survivors, they say if someone would have stood up against the Nazis in the beginning, it may not have happened, but noone in the rest of the world did. The same is true with Christians, religious or not. But, it does prove bigotry on parade by the Hollywood left. NG