Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Hispanics marches by legal and illegal immigrants are filled with threats and Anti-American rhetoric. Organizations such as La Raza and Aztlan have demanded that California and southwestern states be annexed to Mexico. Their words are demanding, threatening and aggressive. After these threats by Hispanics, these past few days, do you look at them in the same way, or do you have some reticence? Their demands are dividing America in a fundamental way....us vs them! That's what they've created.

The irony and hypocrisy of their position is amazing. Illegal immigrants risk their lives to escape the corruption and poverty created by the Mexican government just to come to America. They then have the temerity to demand that America be turned into the very same government they risked everything to escape. If they don’t like America and refuse to abide by our laws, why are they here?

I believe America has the right to determine what our immigration laws should be, and if someone breaks them they should be sent home. In the past few days, 7 men from Korea were captured entering America from Canada. A day later 20 other Asians were found in a shipping container illegally entering America. Should all Asian illegal immigrant be granted entry too?

Isn’t it somewhat racist to say that only Hispanics be allowed to enter America at will, but all other peoples do not have the same right? In effect it is claiming that Africans, Asians, Europeans, Australians have no right to illegal immigration while Hispanics do? Just how many illegal immigrants should America allow entry, 11 million or 111-million?

Either we have borders or we have no country.


Anonymous said...

I just commented about that on BIO. Why grant Mexicans free entry and not everyone else? Makes no sense to me. They don't love this country.They are carrying American flags provided by the organizers.

NewsGnome said...

They're also carrying the Mexican Flag. I believe that the number of American who are experiencing "fear" as a result of the threating rheoric and demands are dividing the country. NG