Saturday, April 01, 2006


Is it time to start burning the Mexican Flag in America? Or are we submitting to the invasion of America by Mexicans without a fight ?

If immigration happens faster than assimilation we have lost America and it’s culture will be destroyed. Assimilation is already on the decline and we are becoming a divided nation...ask yourselves, is that what America should become, conclaves of immigrants all with separate agendas?

Then there is the racism issue. Hispanics seem to think that they have the right to invade America without respect to any of our laws simply because they are on our southern border. They don’t allow for the concept of other people all over the world who are in the same predicament as they. Corrupt governments and officials with citizens who foster corruption. Incredibly, it’s a capital offense to illegally cross Mexico’s border. Hypocrisy on display.

The poor of Indonesia, India, China, The Philippines, North Korea, Egypt, Romania, Russia, Europe and others all want to come here. Should they all be allowed to flood our borders without impediment? The number would dwarf the number of Mexicans stealing across our borders. “No!” the illegal and legal Hispanics say, only we have the right to break American law...that to me is the definition of racism.

Lest you consider this anti-immigration you would be wrong. This is anti-illegal immigration.



Anonymous said...

Other keywords-"English Language" "taxes" "healthcare"

NewsGnome said...

Having been born in a metropolitian area where the Hispanic population has taken over political power and are in the process of making a "Little Mexico" at the expense American Constitutional values...and creating the same corruption and murder we see in Mexico's large cities,my other key words are "HELL NO!" Getting tired of the entitlement mentality. NG

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon they will be in congress with their own party. This shouldn't even be an issue. They should not be here illegally. I've had it with the mindset of this country and look what it is doing? Turning us into a 3rd world nation. Taking advantage of our laws and using them to their advantage and getting away with it.