Friday, April 28, 2006



The following was sent to me and I’d like to take credit for some excellent points. Unfortunately, I am not the author. It’s still excellent.

The boycott by illegal immigrants. A good thing, maybe . . .

May 1st is the planned "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott by illegal immigrants here in the United States. They plan on boycotting work, thus showing all of us how many menial jobs they provide cheap labor for. They plan on also boycotting our stores, thus showing us how much money they provide toward our economy. Well, I am totally fine with this tactic.

But, speaking as an old Marine Corps Operations Officer, I do have two or three suggestions for the organizers of the boycott: Lets have them please ALSO BOYCOTT our hospitals, schools, jails, and highways. Let us see what our health care system would be like without an overcrowded emergency room 90% full of illegal immigrants pushing Americans out of the way, using it as a free clinic to treat non-emergency ailments. Let us see what it would be like to treat patients in our hospitals and clinics who actually PAY for the treatment they receive.

I wonder if the costs for health insurance would drop. I'll bet they would. Let us see what it would be like to reduce the size of our classrooms. Let us see what it would be like to spend our taxpayer dollars to teach in ENGLISH only and NOT being fined for not doing so. Let us see if our schools test score averages increase dramatically across the nation. I'll bet they would. Let us see what it would be like to NOT be victimized by an illegal immigrant, and then have to pay for that same illegal immigrants incarceration in one of our jails or prisons.

The Los Angeles County Jail system alone would be alleviated for the cost of thousands of inmates. Plus, those incarcerated might actually do 100% of their sentences rather than the 10% that they have been doing in order to make additional bed-space for all the illegal aliens. I'll bet they would. Let us see what our highways would be like. Let us see if traffic is reduced without their presence. Let us see if the number of unlicensed, uninsured, unqualified motorists drops, and the number of traffic collisions also drops proportionally.

Maybe our car insurance rates would see a decrease as a direct result. I'll bet they would.
In fact, maybe the May 1st "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott should be hyped, encouraged, and widely advertised by all of us, so that Americans of all race, color, creed and nationality can see, and can fully appreciate, what burdens illegal immigration from all these various countries around the world (including a number of illegal immigrants from the middle-east and red China) creates for all of we Americans . . .

“Day without Gringos” Maybe we gringos should have a day in which we refuse to pay illegal immigrants.


Anonymous said...

I also say that Gringos do most of their shopping on May 1st. How about this for a come back? On the first of every month let's have "Fire an Illegal". Let's boycott Tyson and what ever other company is closing on this glorious day of "Boycott"

NewsGnome said...

Since the illegals will be telling us which companies are employing them, perhaps we should not buy from those companies on Tuesday. NG

Teacher Tori said...

very well said!!! I had a lot of mexican students absent from class yesterday and it was great! My classes dropped from 32 kids to low 20s...much more manageable. One kid just said she sat at home and watched daytime tv....didn't even go to the rally. And then she had the nerve to come and ask for the work she missed!! Uh, I don't think so, you had an unexcused absence....ZERO!!!!

NewsGnome said...

Tori, It encouraging to hear that you've make a stand. I think most people realize we have to do that, even if it's difficult. The problem for me is that there is a legal way to resolve the issue, just have people follow the laws and if we have to adjust them, we can do that. But to reward people for law breaking makes no sense to me. NG