Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter around the world has been one of the coldest in the past 50 years. However, in an effort to keep global warming conclusions dominate, as preached by Church of Climate Change Reverend Al Gore, I have made a detailed study of snowflake temperatures. Flakes that have fallen in places from Australia to Colorado and I am happy to report, global warming, indeed, continues in the most unlikely places.

My research reveals snowflake temperatures from the places, where snow hasn’t fallen in years, are higher than average snowflakes temperatures in the previous 7023 years.

Below are world locations that usually do not get snow or haven’t been this cold in years:

City Normal Snowflake Temps Snowflake Temps 2007

Johannesburg, S. A.,
First snowfall in 26 years 25.7 ◦ 25.9 ◦

Buenos Aires, 25.6 ◦ 25.8 ◦
First snow in 16 years

Peru, S.A. 24.9 ◦ 25.1 ◦
200 die from severe cold

Townsville, AU 25.8 ◦ 26.2 ◦
Longest cold weather spell since 1941

Denver, USA 24.7 ◦ 25.3 ◦
Record lowest temp in 135 yrs

St. Cloud, MN 25.6 ◦ 25.9 ◦
New record low of -15 ◦

As you can see snowflake temperatures are higher than they used to be. It’s more proof of global warming because snow isn’t as cold as it used to be. So, Reverend Gore’s prophecies of more global warming raising temperatures have been proven once again.

The temperature of snowflakes may rise to well above freezing. It’s important that America sign the Kyoto Treaty and submit to the Bali pact it keep the temperature at which snowflakes freeze from rising above 32 degrees. :)


Anonymous said...

Darn Global Warming Freaks. We can't spread democracy but we have the power to alter the atmosphere. I gues we are only good when we have to be.

Notice how the freaks never mention El Nino?

NewsGnome said...

Is it any surprise. They don't know that El Nino is a part of the weather of the world. Typical. NG