Sunday, December 22, 2013


Barack Obama has been a difficult person to evaluate.  I've been unable to really say what it is about him that makes him seem so unappealing.  His policies have been disastrous to everyone and the constitution.  He's been haled as a magnificent orator.   I agree he is a good teleprompter reader.  As for his oration, it is incredibly repetitious and numbingly boring. 

But even that isn't his problem.  Those who know him say he is gracious and friendly.  To me his appearance is just the opposite.  He appears aloof and not engaged in reality as though he is above the mundane elements of life.

So what is his problem.  For me it is that he is totally humorless.   Obama is about as funny as a vomit sandwich.  Reagan used his unending variety of humorous stories like a razor on his opponents and Americans loved him for it.  Reagan was naturally and personally engaging with his humor when he needed to be. He honed his skills with the addition of his infectious smile.  When Obama smiles it's as though his apotheosis is at hand so his photograph must make him appear visionary which winds up being the opposite.

But Obama is just the opposite of Reagan too.  He acts as though everything he says should be chiseled in stone.  Since he has no humor and he doesn't know how to use it to connect with average Americans his communication skills are negligible.   He is not a good orator. He is a humorless dredge.

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