Thursday, November 05, 2009


Thursday, November 05, 2009

1:08 PM

Reuters, the ever present Obama water carrier is at it again, helping Obama make excuses for his sorry administration. What a perpetual CRYBABY!

The follow was put on line this morning:

MADISON, Wis. (Reuters) - A year after his historic election, President Barack Obama sought to remind Americans on Wednesday the biggest problems he is grappling with -- from the economy to the war in Afghanistan -- are the legacy of his predecessor, George W. Bush.

The one thing President George Bush didn't do is continually accuse Bill Clinton of the disaster his failure to address the terrorist issue was. He went about his work and duty. Obama on the other hand can't help himself in blaming everybody but himself….who fully deserves it. His lolligagging is deplorable on the critical Afghanistan decision. But it's George's fault. He'll still be saying it when he loses the 2012 presidential election.


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