Friday, March 28, 2008


What an interesting past few days observing FIBERALS!

Hillary shot herself in the mouth with her Bosnia bullet-dodging lie.
Obama can’t shoot straight by failing to disassociate himself with the Rev. Wrong.
Fiberal donors threaten Pelosi to stop the blood letting or face a tourniquet of donations.
The man who invented bickering, Howard Dean, demands a deadline to the fiberal bickering.
Senator Casey of PA dumps Hillary for Obama.
Leahy tells Hillary it’s time to quit.
Chelsea disses Bill telling us that her mom would make a better president than her dad.
Fiberal Schwarzenegger is watching Cal taxes plummet along with property values while seeing California teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and wondering where he is going to get money to pay the 10- billion dollar state deficit.
Obama and Hillary are proposing tax increases at the worst possible time.
Obama blythly suggests doubling the capital gains taxes won’t impact investment.

I’ll tell ya folks, you simply can’t get dumber than this....and my only choice is John McCain. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry....maybe I’ll just go throwup.


Anonymous said...

Hillary and that radical Obama are doing nothing but brainwashing the people who are clueless and it's scary. Obama is not that debonair character he portrays. The left is tripping all over themselves to get a black man as their guy no matter what or lack of experience he has. Okay for George Soros but Karl Rove is the evil one in their simple liberal minds.

NewsGnome said...

Tos, I'm not worried about's the wallet-washing that worry me. By the time either of them are finished our wallets will be shiny and clean and very,very empty. NG

Anonymous said...

well that will be the result of their winning by means of brainwashing,no?
They complain about people having rough times yet they are willing to take more of our income.

NewsGnome said...

If either Obama or Hillary wins, I think it will be Conservatives sitting it out. The brainwashing you point out will be of willing Democrats who have become mind-numbed robots.