Thursday, June 30, 2005


Judicial decisions have been coming back to haunt fiberals. The left has fought to have activist judges installed, fighting with vitriolic venom any attempt to seat strict conservative constructionist judges.

With the fiberal USA Supreme Court justices suddenly ruling as they have, the blood of fiberals has been chilled and their effort to legislate from the bench, the chins of the leftists are dragging on the ground wondering how this can this happen. This is definitely NOT what they had in mind.

Rush Limbaugh’s medical records available through a fiberal court....which means everybody’s medical records are now fair game. THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!
Ten Commandments...Yes you can, no you can’ confusing a decision ever rendered by the “Supremes” and fiberals are stupefied. THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!
Journalists have to reveal their sources or go to jail. Liberal judges can’t do that.....They did just that! THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES
Five liberal Supremes, essentially confiscated the property of every private property owner in America! THANKS TO FIBERAL JUDGES!

In each of these cases, it has been the judges put there by the left who’ve caused the very severe heart burn fiberals are suffering. What the leftists are now discovering is that the “activist judge” problem has become a two-edged sword. It is they who are now being sliced and diced and they’re don’t like it.

Obviously, there’s a problem for fiberals and quite frankly they don’t know how to deal with it. Their comeuppance is delicious to behold and richly deserved.. This is just several more items in a long list of recent setbacks for the left. It’s about time they see what their views have wrought.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, it takes five judges to make a Supreme Court majority, and seven of the nine Supreme Court justices are Republican appointees. So who exactly are you talking about?

I suppose you could just be using "fiberal" to mean "disagrees with you", and looking at the rest of your blog, that could well be right.

NewGnome said...

"These five judges are the kind of judges you get when you compromise judicial intellect for political expediency." From my "List of Infamy" post.That's whether appointed by a Republican president or not.

That's right, this is my opinion, and you're posting yours. But you're also coward for hiding behind "anonymous." Typical fiberal...part of the cut and run crowd.

And If you think I'm not happy because these idiot judges were appointed by Republicans forced to compromise with irresponsible Democrats you're right.

The word fiberal is a term I created for my MENSA CHALLENGE POSTS. I'm glad you don't like it. Too bad, the truth is so painful for you. NG