Friday, July 01, 2005


Tom Cruise is an excellent actor, as long as someone else puts words in his mouth.

His unprovoked attack on Brooke Shields proves one immutable fact. He should never open his mouth when the words are coming from his very befuddled brain. His interview with Matt Lauer made him sound utterly idiotic. He was intellectually flummoxed. How many times did he say "Matt, Matt, Matt." The sum total of his response.

While not a follower of Brooke Shields or particularly a fan, I respect her. I do not respect Tom Cruise. He has shown his true colors in this vicious attack against someone who has had to face difficulties. Scientology is a terminal JOKE!

No wonder Nicole Kidman divorced him. He's an idiot. Keep him out of your head, Katie Holmes, he's dangerously close to delusional paranoia. I cold suggest he see a shrink, but you know Tom........unfortunately.

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