Friday, June 17, 2005


This has been a horrible couple of weeks for Libs and Dems. Consider the following.


Senator Dick Durbin D-IL on the senate floor demeans the horrors of the holocaust by comparing it to some less than life-threatening interrogation procedures in Guantanamo calling our American Soldiers “Nazis.” The Anti-Defamation League demands an apology which Durbin refuses to give while continuing to slur both Jews and the sons and daughters of middle Americans.


Rep. Charlie Rangel D-NY on a radio talk show compares the freeing of Iraqi citizens to the murdering of 6-million Jews, Gypsies, Christians and the mentally and physically challenged. Again the ADL demands an apology which Rangel, like Durbin, refuses to give. Rangel then immediately retaliates essentially accusing ADL director Abraham Foxman of racism.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was exposed on a billboard, no less, for killing 10-thousand animals in the past few years, while criticizing anybody and everybody else for doing exactly the same thing. Their procedures for murdering animals were no more humane than any other organization.


Then yesterday the Associated Press reported that two Norfork-PETA employees were arrested for animal cruelty and then crassly dumping the bodies of the dead animals in a dumpster that didn’t belong to PETA.


Not to be out done, environmentalists are set to allow killing thousands of Barred Owls to “save” the Spotted Owl, because the more hardy Barred owls are taking over Spotted Owl habitat. If the test of killing Barred owls is successful, then as many as 10-thousand could be killed. Where is PETA?

Also, consider the UTTER hypocrisy of the owl controversy . Just a few years ago, a HUGE, and I do mean huge, battle took place in Northern California and Oregon on Spotted owl habitat.


Environmentalist accusation, however dishonest, almost destroyed the entire timber industry because they claimed Spotted owls only lived in “Old Growth” forests. It was an unadulterated lie. But what the hey, it got thousands of timbermen fired. For environmentalists, that was a big success.
BUT, it turns out, cutting old growth wasn’t the culprit at all. Spotted owls live in places other than old growth forests, and the real culprit to their demise is the Barred owl. Go figure!!!!! The ultimate effect was that environmentalists forced the outsourcing thousands of American jobs to other countries.


The far-left “Third Way’s” in-depth study and analysis of the rejection of Democrats in their 2004 election disaster is even worse than their own leaders are telling them.

Here’s a quote from the Study’s “Executive Summary” proving Democrats are in near terminal denial: “Third Way conducted an in-depth analysis of the 2004 election results and found that this self-perception is really self-deception. Rather than being the party of the middle class, Democrats face a crisis with the middle income voters.”

The analysis also revealed middle-class Americans do not consider the Democrat party, the party of the middle class.

We all have bad days but so far it’s adding up to be a bad year for Democrats and it’s likely to get worse.

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