Friday, June 10, 2005


I’ve accepted the Washington Post’s Mensa Challenge of changing, adding or subtracting one letter in a word then redefining it to fit the new spelling. I have, however, carefully restricted my new definitions specifically to the liberals/socialists. Here are a few examples:

kissasp: (n) a rapist who pretends to kiss a woman then bites her lip to control her during sex. Most prominent example: What Bill Clinton did to Juanita Brodderick as she described his rape of her, keep your ice handy.

dipsthick: (n) Democrat National committee chairman Howard Dean who is both dippy and stupid.” Example: Every time Howard Dean opens his mouth.

postulites: (n) liberal Democrat bloggers posters whose posts are intellectually inferior. Example: Liberal posters on Educationalwhisper.

fiberal: (n) A left wing Democrat completely incapable of telling the truth. Example: left wingers posters found most frequently on CrankyLiberal and other left wing blogs.

dasochistic: (a) a condition suffered exclusively by liberal Democrats who gain sexual gratification by inflicting as much physical pain as possible on conservatives. Example: Alec Baldwin’s sexual excitement when he suggested on national television the stoning to death of Henry Hyde, his wife and family. Judging from his actions on stage during the incident, Baldwin may also have had an orgasm right there on TV.

reducancy: (n) a complete and unconstitutional state of obstinance displayed by liberal Democrats blocking American Bar Association defined “well-qualified” Bush judicial nominees.

self-frighteous: (a) the perpetual state of fear in which liberal Bush-haters constantly scare themselves by worrying about everything not controlled by big liberal-socialistic government and in the hands of Bush and Rove.

I’ll post more as time goes along. Suggestions accepted.


Anonymous said...

Why were you staring at Alec Baldwin's crotch?

NewGnome said...

Well, it's a little embarrasing for a grown man like that to have a wet crotch on national television. Of course, he was so animated maybe he peed his pants. Thanks for bringing up a second possibility for his embarrassing problem.

Abvi said...

i hope this information helps you