Sunday, June 19, 2005


USA-CIA Director Porter Goss revealed in Time Magazine that he has an “excellent idea” where Osama bin Laden is hiding. With the effort to kill Americans generally and President Bush specifically, I propose the hiring of 5000 individual assassins to get bin Laden. The 50-million dollar bounty is already in place. The only question should be payment on C.O.D. (confirmation of death.) We already know bin Laden is doing everything he can to assassinate all things American.

The so-called “Arab Street” is highly overrated. Muslims are killing Muslims much faster than they’re killing so called Infidels and there’s nary a peep from the “Arab” street. It’s apparent that the mood of Iraqi Muslims against the foreign Muslim invaders is coalescing into hatred for them.

As these Islamic foreign crusaders continue their murderous ways, the Iraqis are turning with a vengeance on these foreign Muslims and will forcibly end their barbarous mass-murders of Iraqis civilians. It’s also becoming apparent that the alleged hatred against Americans is subsiding, if it ever really existed in the general Iraqi public in the first place. But hatred is certainly focusing now on foreign Muslim insurgents, and the Baathists of Saddam.

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