Wednesday, June 01, 2005



Thanks to the liberal media for crowning W. Mark Felt a hero for illegally giving secret information to Washington Post reporter Robert Woodward leading to the destruction of a president.

This crowning now gives any FBI agent or other federal agent the title “HERO” for passing information to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s secret documents, Hillary’s illegal fund raising activities or any other information found in FBI files, ala Harry Reid (M.I.N.O) who poisoned the well against federal judicial nominee Henry Saad, using raw FBI files.

So now, we can use raw FBI files to attack any Democrat we want to destroy. Again, a big thanks to the mainstream liberal media for making this a heroic act. Secret FBI files are fair game for conservatives now.

The truth is that the materialistic Felt family are looking for money and it’s taken them this long to overcome the guilt Felt had. Felt’s daughter did it for the money. That's a fact. At his age now, we was finally unable to withstand her demands. She saw the dollar signs and knew she had to keep up the pressure, she wanted the money before The Washington Post wouldn't get it.

Felt had a legal procedure to provide this information to federal investigators. W. Mark Felt isn't a hero, he's a criminal who broke federal law, the FBI rules and his oath.


frstlymil said...

Actually it isn't illegal. I'm sure there are plenty (namely those committing crimes who might have the whistle blown upon THEM) who would very much like it to be, however
The Whistleblowers Act "Prohibits retaliation against public or federal employees who report official wrongdoing. The Act states that "a state or local governmental body may not suspend or terminate the employment of, or take other adverse personnel action against, a public employee who in good faith reports a violation of law by the employing governmental entity or another public employee..." Now, since his daughter was hardly old enough to know anything about selling news stories to Vanity Fair in the early 70's - that can't actually be used as an argument against her father's patriotism. The fact that he *didn't* do anything for money and (I'd love to see evidence between then and now where he took a dime for his information to the WP) - was actually himself indicted for FBI wiretapping should speak to the difficulty of the choice he made, and not a light one at that. Coming forward now in 2005, whether or not the daughter might have been paid for the story in Vanity Fair is irrelevant in the extreme. The only thing he can get out of coming forward is to finally come clean on his own terms, rather than wait for the WP to out him on the day of his funeral. The liberal media is non-existent (the non-reporting in the entire U.S. of the Downing Street Memo certainly comments to the opposite) and in fact the days of journalistic integrity went out the window when Walter Cronkite retired. People are doing op-ed pieces on the air and calling it news reporting. Sound bites are being referred to as hard hitting investigative journalism. Stating one's opinion is not fact unless there is source material sited for fact checkers to verify. A Deep Throat today - someone truly coming forward with verifiable information about someone doing bad things in the name of our country would get completely dismissed faster than the DNA evidence in the OJ wouldn't stand a chance - because current journalists competing for ratings would screw it up before it every got to print. The point I'm making here is, (and I'm neither a registered democrat, nor a registered republican, so cool your jets here) that our country is no longer voting for representatives who are willing to let go of personal money, property and prestige in favor of stepping forward and doing the right thing for the country. Those elected "representatives" go further and do not hire that type of individual, but in fact hire the individual that will protect the self interest of the elected "representative". We are not raising that kind of child. Go into any middle class or upper-middle class school and see how the kid behaves - knowing fully well that if he/she gets caught cheating, bullying, lying to get ahead's okay because his/her parents will simply sue the school or organize to have the teacher or principal fired if they try to discipline or fail the child... We have created a world where individual self-interest overrides national pride and or sense of obligation and the only people truly coming forward are the soldiers who are fighting without sufficient armor, back up, compensation or proper healthcare when they finally come home. The country is a mess - and people DARE to speak up and vilify one man who actually tried to do the right thing...which was to tell the truth.

NewGnome said...

Why is Felt's story being told today? It's because his now grown daughter announced she wants to profit from his secret identity and admitted so claiming that she didn't want the Washington Post to profit releasing the secret.

Felt didn't even try to report his information to the appropriate investigators. He went to the newspapers with a vengeance because he didn't get appointed Director of the FBI.

Where you see doom and gloom in America, I don't. Is it perfect, certainly not. The countries that are messes are in Europe, due to cradle to grave welfare. The euro has dropped against the dollar by 8 to 1. Germany has an unemployment rate above 12 per cent. France is closer to bankruptcy than they want to admit and have even ceded parts of their country to defacto Islamic rule.

The European Union is on the verge of collapse with more countries ready to dump the EU constitution, while America has never been stronger: militarily or economically. Italy has announced that it's going to drop the Euro as it's currency.

Clinton's 1990 "economic miracle" as we've found out, was a bubble and we all know what a bubble if full of. He also handed off a recession that started in his last year in office along with a depleted military and gutted CIA. Then 9-11 hit. Bush did an amazing job keeping America even solvent. Unemployment is as low as the 1990's but it isn't Clinton's bubble economy. Inflation is low, economic growth is just about a perfect percentage to keep inflation with productivity at an amazing growth level. Income is on the rise. It must be hard to live life as a terminal pessimist.

By the way, as a former TV Anchor I don't hold Cronkite in the same kind of awe you seem to. I worked for CBS, and ABC and I can guarantee Cronkite was as biased as they come. Despite what he said, it wasn't the way he said it was!

frstlymil said...

As a former television anchor, I would expect you to be more forthcoming about where you're getting your information - because you are stating what is clearly your opinion, but without factual information to back it up. Felt *couldn't* report his information to the proper authorities, because it was the proper authorities who were in on it - not because of madness for power - and he wasn't even that clear when he DID inform - telling the reporter to pay attention to the actual 100.00 bills recovered in a robbery, which lead the investigation to the bills, which lead to information where they were issued which lead to information they were issued on a check written for the Nixon re-election campaign - is a far cry from saying "Hey, I've got government secrets..." and it was only THEN that they had any inkling what they were even following as a story...and again - what his daughter does now is absolutely irrelevant. We would be finding out when he passed anyway - so what is the difference? She wasn't paid with taxpayer funds like we were stuck with paying for Ken Starr's fishing expedition with the Clintons. You can try to connect the action 30+ years ago to the daughter selling a story today - but there is simply nothing there you can use that is worth the verbage. If you're old enough to remember the investigation, than you know that it is not nearly so cut and dried as you are attempting to paint it now. So stop. And you might want to check your facts on what's been going on in the last year between the euro and the U.S. dollar. Even the republican CFO's have stated as of this morning (NPR, 7:45 a.m., economic report)that they are not pleased with the state of the U.S. economy - and again, why are our soldiers still fighting with insufficient armor? Or is that vastly irrelevant when we can be talking about a 91 year old whistleblower instead of how Bush rolling back that tax cut (and as patriotic Americans during wartime, I see no reason why we can't get behind that and support it) could fund some of that armor or fix the social security mess without further indebting our future generations...

NewGnome said...

If you'd just read you'd know. You quote there a beacon of fair and balanced reporting. Felt broke his oath, and didn't even try to present his findings to property authorities...even congressional democrats.
Your problems is that you think I'm defending Nixon...I'm not, not only was did he lie, he was stupid and like Clinton flushed his legacy of promise down the toilet.

I wouldn't even address anything about the so-called armor shortage that comes from NPR.

I called an FBI friend of mine about the Felt situation. His comment was that Felt is now trying to cash in on the story now or then it's still cashing in on his criminal act.

I have to laugh about you and the libs on Cranky crticizing me for bringing up Clinton from "so many years ago," and you're still bringing up Nixon.

You've justified a pandora's box that will come back to bite you in the end. I remember the demands of Democrats who insisted on a independent council, and then couldn't backpedal fast enough when it was used on Clinton.

And if you're so unhappy about the economy, It's more stable that the bubble Clinton economy of the 90s. Sorry, as a rich Republican, I've got to go count my millions and kick the homeless. Ciao

frstlymil said...

Ah, so you don't have cable, don't watch Fox News, don't listen to the radio, yet somehow you know intuitively that NPR is not a good source for news? So where did you READ that little factoid and on what evidence to you base your review, since you don't listen and don't know what is on there?

NewGnome said...

Frstlymil, just to highlight your hypocrisy, let me remind you of the leaks that allegedly came from Ken Starr's office during the White water investigation. When those "whistleblowers" gave their information to reporters you libs went ballistic...and that was about a corrupt president and administration too, so your "Felt" defense rings oh, so hollow. It's only when Republicans are being skewered that whistle blowing is noble.