Thursday, June 16, 2005

NewsGnome’s “HERO'S OF HATE”©

This is the inauguration of NewGnome’s new feature identifying those who’ve earned the dubious distinction of Hero’s of Hate. These are the people whose hate has overtaken their reason and they spew it in all directions. They have earned this scorn by hating America first, blaming America first, finding fault with America first and never criticizing those responsible for their own heinous crimes before finding American responsibility. I wish them nothing of ill both personally and professionally in their effort:

JANE FONDA: for actions leading directly to the torture and death of an American prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam.
OSAMA BIN LADEN: for murder of the innocent, distortion of Islam and perversion of the Quran.
DICK DURBIN: for labeling American soldiers Nazis.
HARRY REID: for using vitriolic-acidic hate speech to dissolve the heart of American freedom and resolve.
ABU MUSAB ZARQAWI: Jordanian crusader for causing rivers of Iraqi blood just as did Saddam.
HILLARY CLINTON: whose bloodlust for the presidency compels her to destroy everyone in her path.
BARBRA STREISAND: for sacrificing sanity for peace at the price of freedom.
JESSE JACKSON: for an all consuming greed at the expense of the poor.
BILL CLINTON: for lowering the moral threshold so children no longer define oral or anal sex as sex: his real lasting legacy.
GEORGE SOROS: for destroying civil discourse by buying hate sites such as etc.
JOHN KERRY: for stomping on the bodies of his dead Vietnam compatriots in his quest for hero status.
TED KENNEDY: for sending a young woman to her death and thinking only of his own welfare while she slowly suffocated in a pocket of air in a car underwater, praying Ted was getting help. After a nap and seven hours later, he called for help.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: for spreading lies about Quran desecration with admitedly no evidence, which lead to the deaths of innocent civilians.
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: for labeling Guantanamo a Gulag while excusing Muslim radical beheadings of innocent hostages in violation of all humanity.

Newsgnome will periodically add to the list. I suspect it will be long.


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NewGnome said...

You had to go back a ways to find this one. Interesting. But revealing the consuming total liberal hate it certainly did. So you would justify Fonda, Bin Laden, Dubin, Reid, Zarqawi, Clinton, Streisand, Clinton, Soros, Kerry, Kennedy, and Amnesty International so be it.

Thanks for reminding me for the latest list of Democrat "Hero's of Hate."