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Because of questions about my figures regarding the number of dead as a result of Saddam Hussein’s actions during his regime, I’ve decided to give you my facts and sources supporting my calculations. It is simply an addition and division problem which apparently liberals are either incapable or unwilling to figure out. Quite frankly I find their demands that I back up these figures intellectually lazy because they should know them. Again a simple math problem.

In fact, based on the posts on blogs, liberals seem incapable of even understanding how to ask the question to get the results. My results are listed below. These figures are listed and include a variety of sources from mostly "liberal" sources. Since liberals always take the worst or highest number of deaths possible, I have chosen to follow their example and always take the highest number of dead estimated.

Liberals may disagree with these numbers but then they’d be disagreeing with themselves. The total number includes deaths of the Iraqi war, since it is a fact that these deaths too can be attributed to Saddam and increases the daily average of deaths caused by him during his entire regime and even after.

Saddam Hussein took power on July 16, 1979. On March 19, 2003 when the war started, he was effectively out of power. Therefore he was in power a total of 8639 days.

Iran-Iraq Protracted war 1980 to 1988 claims 1.5 million war dead during this protracted war instigated by Saddam. Source:

Moreorless claims the death toll from the I-I war at “approaching 2 million. Source:


Estimates range from 300,000 to 500,000. It is not assured that all of Saddam’s mass graves have been uncovered so the count could go higher. Sources: various national and international newspapers


International Physicians calculate that during Gulf War I 113,500 died during the bombing or as the result of the after affects which Saddam ignored. (estimates of dead Iraq soldiers were not found and could have been as high as 25,000 or more) bringing the total to as high as 138,500. Source: “How Many Dead Iraqis” 2-25-03


KURDISTAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY, Iraq: In the Kurdish town of Halabja Saddam’s gas attack killed up to 12,000 Kurds in just three days. Conventional and chemical attack on other towns in Kurdish areas are estimated at more than 100,000 in all Kurdish areas. Source:


United Nations imposed and President BILL CLINTON enforced sanctions to force SADDAM to comply with several UN resolutions....Bill Clinton maintained sanctions while he was president from 1992 to 2001. It’s estimated that during that period 500,000 civilians died because of the sanctions which Saddam ignored allowing his people to die. In fact he was skimming humanitarian aid money from the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, and from which the highest ranking officials of the UN were personally profiting. Source:

TOTAL COUNT 3,238,500 DEAD thanks to Saddam!

Including Iraq War the number of dead is 3,266,500

IRAQIBODYCOUNT’s highest estimate for the Iraqi war is approaching 25,000 to 28,000. They include persons killed by insurgents, encouraged by Saddam.

Using these figures Saddam’s average daily body count was 378 dead per day for every day he was in office. Had he been in power for the entire two years of the Iraq war and you extrapolate the number of those who would have died during that time, the figure would be 275,940 using the daily average of deaths. That's TEN times more than IBC estimates of those killed up to now. Via the insurgency, Saddam continues to murder his own people. Had Saddam gotten nuclear bombs, put them on SCUD missiles and fired them at Israel, these number could have been infinitely higher.

Prior to the Iraq war, a U.N. humanitarian-aid specialist leaked a confidential report which claimed that the number of civilian casualties could be 500,000. No supporting information was given by the specialist in the report. Source: THAT IS 20 TIMES THE ACTUAL COUNT. It is so typical of UN incompetency and prognostications.

I certainly do not wish to minimize those killed during this war, most especially our brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom for the people of Iraq. But these numbers do illustrate the truth about Saddam Hussein who was a killing machine.

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