Monday, June 13, 2005


Hillary Clinton is apparently so angry she is considering suing Edward Klein for a revelation in his new book “The Truth About Hillary” claiming that Bill Clinton allegedly raped her in Bermuda and in the process conceived Chelsea. Since Klein’s credentials are solidly liberal, it begs the questions why and why now.

Being my normal cynical self, I find a ton of reasons why this is just another promotional effort by the Clinton Camp, and a liberal media campaign to get her elected. How you ask could I possible think this. Let me Count the ways:

l. First and foremost, the publicity for Hillary is going to be enormous. This issue will keep Hillary’s name in front of the public for months.

2. It is obviously a preemptive strike by a sympathetic media who will twist this into whatever they want it to be if it helps Hillary.

3. If Klein found this story, it is obviously out there but because he found it others were aware of it. But is it a negative story for Hillary? No!

4. Bill Clinton in effect, can do no wrong! He essentially got away scot free with raping Juanita Brodderick. Undoubtedly, if you assume this story is true, there is not only no negative impact on Hillary,.it’s not a negative for Bill either. Remember sex is a private issue which was firmly established during the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal and especially between consenting married adults.

5. What did Carville keep saying? It’s only sex, that’s all that scandal was about. If it was sex with his wife, rape is not even a possibility in the eyes of the NOW gang and fiberal professional excusers of the Clintons.

6. Rape, at least in Democrat political circles, is immaterial, a now firmly established fact when it comes to the Clintons.

7. Furthermore, the NOW gang will fall all over themselves excusing this rape too, while at the same time painting Hillary as a victim. And we all know how Democrats love victims.

8. No other potential Democrat candidate will have anything in their arsenal remotely close to this type of opportunity to dominate the media.

9. Both Democrat attacks from Democrat candidates and even potential attacks on Hillary will be met with vicious accusation of piling on.

10. The sympathy factor for her will be enormous as well. Even conservative women will cut Hillary slack a mile wide.

11. Bill Clinton has proven that in fact that an accusation of rape in presidential politics, with the exception of Republicans is meaningless.

12. Although Hillary will deny this at the top of her lungs, she will be promoting this story for all she’s worth behind the scenes because it gives her the opportunity to appear to those who believe she was raped that she is strong overcoming this.

13. For those who believe this is just more of the rightwing conspiracy, it’s just another reason to support her and Bill.

14. Undoubtedly, the “timing” card will be played by everyone in the Clinton Camp accusing everybody, including potential Democrat opponents that this is an effort to “nip her presidential unbridled ambitions in the bud.” It is, in fact, the exact opposite.

15. By releasing this story now, and first, It will soon be defined as old news, thus the preemptive strike as mentioned before.

16. Other Democrat candidates are silenced before they even get started.

17. No Democrat will be able to say, do, suggest, propose anything critical about any proposal Hillary may make. They wouldn’t dare. Even Republicans are going to have to walk on eggs.

18. The right-wing conspiracy theory, is a terminal red herring. Klein is calculating that this book will eliminate any of the revelations therein, that would or could be used at a time closer to her announcement of candidacy.

19. The same is true for any factor in the book that may appear a priori to be negative. The book preemptively devalues any story related to Clinton’s first senate campaign effectively negating the issue by the time the presidential campaign begins in earnest.

At this time, I fail to see how this is a negative for Hillary in any way. However, it could become a negative if she attempts too hard to quell the story. The sad element is the impact on Chelsea. Anyway you consider this story, the real victim is the Clinton’s daughter. Thanks to a liberal!

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