Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The term “neo-con” is used pejoratively by the left to describe conservatives. Their implication is to link it to neo-Nazis thus casting the worse kind of connotation a fiberal can make. Witness the use of Nazi by Dick Durbin against our own Soldiers who are fighting and in harm’s way.

His specific intentions were calculated to cast the worse possible aspersions upon our American Soldiers. It was willful, premeditated and perverse. He deserves no respect. His apology is too little too late.

I have decided to coin a new word, as pejorative in its connotation, as I can make it using the same rhetoric from the left in their use of the term “neo-con.”

The word is “Commie-con.” Its reference resides in the old anti- war movement of the 1960s and 70s, now in residence among the environmentalists, anarchists, and latest incarnation of the “blame-America-first crowd. The “con” specifically refers to “con-men” not conservative.

So the definition of “commie-con” is: a communist/socialist who has drifted into the environmental/animal rights/anarchist/blame-America crowd using confidence methods of criminals. In the future, all my references directed at the left will refer to it and them the individuals as “commie-cons.” If the left can call me neo-con I can call them commie-cons.

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