Saturday, June 04, 2005


Apparently the cradle to grave welfare system isn’t doing too well in Europe. The Italian Welfare Minister Roberto Maroni is suggesting a referendum to bring back the Lira. The Dutch and French voted down the European Union’s proposed constitution. Other countries are sure to follow. The Germans are facing more than 12 per cent unemployment and want Gerhard Schroeder out because he wants to economize and cut back welfare, increase incentives for work and investment. Germans are saying no, we want more welfare.

Add to that the Everest-sized mountain of job controls, environmental regulations, employment restrictions for hiring and firing, higher and high welfare costs with fewer workers, a huge drop of the Euro against the Dollar and demand for fewer and fewer work hours and you have the makings of a collapse of monumental proportions that will impact America.

One of the under-reported elements of Europe’s problems that compounds these factors is a population decline that forces fewer and fewer workers to pay more and more of the welfare costs. Italy’s birthrate, for example is 1.4 per thousand, Germany’s is 1.7 and similar numbers plague other members of the European Union.

Just to maintain a stable population the birthrate must be at 2.1 per thousand. Even America's birth rate is below replacement rate. The only alternative is immigration. France is facing a big problem with Islamic immigrants because they are refusing to assimilate into the culture as is true in the Scandinavian countries. One report indicates that some portions of French cities occupied by these immigrants are not patrolled by French Police out of fear. The French have ceded defacto control of parts of their cities to residents of other countries.

If you want to know what America would be like under the complete control of liberal forces just look to Europe. We too could be on the verge of collapse.

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