Monday, June 06, 2005


Deep throat’s daughter Joan Felt confirms in “The Press Democrat” newspaper that it was about the money! Democrats must be gagging that a Democrat newspaper confirms it always was about the money.

Maria Shriver stops author with a book about Arnold from going on the “Today Show” and Katie allows it. I guess NBC is too afraid of Maria’s Kennedy connections. Isn’t Democrat censorship fun?

Non-profit PEW Charitable Trust trashes its founder’s written goals by spending 20-million to buy congressional support for campaign finance reform. So, PEW CEO Rebecca Rimel is spitting on the memory of the founders while advancing her own liberalism, in direct contradiction of the founder’s wishes. No wonder John McCain was so enthusiastic about campaign finance reform...visions of dollar signs danced in his head.

Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA left Delay in the dust finishing number-one in filching funds from lobbyists for trips abroad. Go get those lobby bucks Maxi....!

Sen. Joe Biden D-DL says the National Democrat Committee Chairman doesn’t speak for the Democrats. The question is: “Does Dean or doesn’t Dean?”

Ultra Liberal Bill Moyers says the American Dream is dead or at least “flat on it’s back.” Didn’t I read somewhere that American home ownership is now the highest in history. Bill certainly knows how to turn or is that twist a phrase.

Some Californians are pushing for assisted suicide while at the same time wanting to spend 15 million to put up suicide prevention fence on the Golden Gate Bridge. No wonder Californians are confused. (big thanks to

for this gem.

And eat this one liberals....AMNESTY's American head William Schultz admits he has no evidence on anything at Guantanamo but makes inflammatory accusations that cause deaths. Does that mean that Amnesty International is guilty of murder by accusation?

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