Thursday, June 02, 2005


A “Martyrs List” posted on a web site attributed to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and analyzed by the US military indicates most of the MURDER-MARTYRS are Saudis, Syrian, Kuwaiti, Palestinian, Afghani, Libyan and evenFrench (not surprised with the French.)

I’m wondering if Jacque is getting a cut of the suicide money? It could replace his income in the discredited oil-for-food fiasco. Just change the name and call it blood-for-food program.

I suppose we must take this with a grain of salt because Zarqawi also said he wasn’t wounded.

Only 9 per cent of the murder-martyrs are from Iraq. It thus becomes obvious that Iraq has been invaded by a foreign hostile force where are the voices of the NYT, ABC CBS NBC, Washington Post LA Times flailing away at this preemptive attack by foreigners.

Where is the anti-war crowd when you need them. They’re nowhere to be found. I guess they consider Muslims murdering Muslims is OK as long as the Muslim dies in the dirt of Iraqi and the murders are Islamic.

Tip of the hat to the New York Post and Niles Lathem. Good article...”What Insurgency?” 6-2-05

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