Tuesday, June 28, 2005


With so many issues for today I can’t cover them in detail today, so I’ve decided to make a quick list.

1. Five members of US Supreme Court shred the US constitution destroying the concept of private property. Constitutional amendment called for. 5-new justices needed. These five judges are the kind of judges you get when you compromise judicial intellect for political expediency.

2. Hillary Clinton threatens networks to force total censorship of Edward Klein’s “The Truth About Hillary” book. No outrage from ACLU about the first amendment.

3. The fiberal bloggers and mainstream agree and censor Edward Klein. It’s alright to censor a book critical of the Clintons, just not Bush or any conservative.

4. Mainstream media, with the exception of Lou Dobbs (CNN), have colluded to censor Klein and his book and that includes FOX.

5. Barack Obama trashes Abraham Lincoln that gave slaves their freedom and perserved the Union. Barack Obama is nothing more than a black racist.

6. Google censors Anti-Clinton ads. No fiberal outrage at censorship.

Sadly, there are a dozen more major issues but I have things to do before I sleep.

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