Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Congratulations to Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-TN for winning the travel prize in Congress. He was the number one traveler over the past five year, for which there are records, taking a huge 62 trips. That means he’s been making at least one trip a month for 5 years paid for by outside sources.

Of course, he had to scramble a bunch, changing records as old as five years to comply with congressional rules about taking money from Lobbyists. He conned $60,545 for gift travel. Not bad! But even he was a piker when it came to top dog......heaven forbide......a Republican. Way out in first place is Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner,Jr. racked up a whopping $176,718 in travel paid for by corporations or outside groups.

Poor Ol’ Tom Delay one of the big losers compared to the two above. He tied for 120th place based on number of trips. However he did a little better when counted in money terms at $94,568 in five years or under $19,000 per year.

Even Congressional ethics committee members had trouble getting the reporting right.

The Associated Press reports that other late filers who revised their reports were House Democrats Hoyer D-MD, Tauscher D-CA, Gutierreza D-IL, Cummings D-MD and Waters D-CA. One Republican revised his trip filings, Linder R-GA.

Thanks, Kent Cooper PoliticalMoney Line.com and “Washington Times’” Charles Hurt for just the facts mam!


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