Saturday, June 18, 2005


President Bush’s chief political advisor Karl Rove has to be the most brilliant political party operative in the history of mankind.

First, he forced Howard Dean to call the GOP the White Christian party, which immediately blew up in Dean’s face.

Then, he tricked Sen.Dick Durbin D-IL into calling American Soldiers fighting a war Nazis and now little Dickie is finding his constituents are fuming and he’s falling over backwards backpedaling.

Finally, he pressured Democrat Senate Minority leader Harry Reid D-NV (the MINO) into blaming the “right-wing media” for quoting Durbin with precise accuracy and then Reid immediately complains about that very accuracy.

I’ll tell ya, Rove is a surreal genius in tricking gullible Democrats into saying things that will help elect Republicans. It’s just sad that the Democrats are simply unable to resist his wiley ways. They’re can’t be that stupid.............can they? They seem so unfit for the challenge.


Dr. Forbush said...

If you mean the best to use lies and deception, then you are spot on...

NewGnome said...

Democrats blaming Rove for what they are saying...That's an intereting take on Democrat duplicity?