Sunday, May 29, 2005


There is a sickness on our college campuses. It is manifesting itself through the worst kind of hate speech. Today the Oregon University Daily Emerald published a column titled “Ten Reasons Not to Kill President Bush” by Jennifer McBride. Thus campus hatred is magnified by Ms. McBride and perpetuated by irresponsible journalism professors.

Has free speech degenerated into this? One would hope that journalism professors would provide adult supervision but apparenlty they've totally abdicated their responsibilities. Is this really what parents want their children to the University of Oregon to learn? I'd be willing to bet University of Oregon journalism professors encouraged this kind verb-twisting suggestion that an American President be assassinated.

The left finds nothing wrong in this kind of speech. But If I were to proposed an article entitled “Ten Reasons Not to Kill Hillary Clinton” you can imagine the Michael Moore Democrats crawling out from under their personal rocks to suggest I be drawn and quartered.

As a parent are you willing to pay the University of Oregon your hard earned money to indoctrinate your children with this kind of hate? Even if you’re a Democrat would you remain silent if this were directed at a national Democrat figure? Is this the level of discourse we really want to encourage in College.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the article? I don't think it was done in seriousness and it seems as though the author thought it all up on her own. It sounded more like sarcasm than hate speach.

NewGnome said...

I totally disagree. The discussion of assassination of a president, even if it pretends to be reverse psychology, it’s irresponsible in the worst way.

Four American presidents have been assassinated. Abraham Lincoln assassinated. John Garfield was shot and suffered a painful lingering death. William McKinley was assassinated and John Kennedy was assassinated.

Five other presidents had assassination attempts made of their lives: Jackson, Roosevelt, Truman, Ford and Reagan who almost died as the result of gunshot wounds.

McBride should be expelled from the university, the professors who allow this fired and the school newspaper shut for at least a year.

No matter how funny you think this may be, it is the worst kind of hate speech. You are well aware of the many “crazies” out there who would twist this and who knows what they might do.

windspike said...

Dear WWC,

Isn't your suggestion just liberal PC-ism gone astray?

frstlymil said...

Actually, I believe many "liberal media" types like Rush and O'Reilly have dedicated much air time already to their desire to kill Hillary (the irrational hatred of that women by men on the far right just boggles the mind)...and their right to free speech has been protected...Satire is protected as well...did you read the article? Oh, and Michael Moore is not a Democrat. He's a registered Independent. And since you're speaking up against hatred (which I applaud) - I can assume you are supportive of protesting against further proposed anti-civil rights legislation that would be prejudicial against any member of our society? Like Gays, for example?

NewGnome said...

When you say that Rush and O'Reilly have dedicated "much air their desire to kill Hillary" is simply crazy, not to mention a lie. I doubt seriously you've listened to either or more than a few minutes but you are making rash generalizations that are obviously false.
And please, go recruit somewhere else, I'm not interested in your predilections or religious bigotry.