Wednesday, November 02, 2005


David Bernstein, director of the Long Island Institute of Archaeology at Stony Brook University is a Cranky Liberal type of “scientist” in "scientific consensus is scientific fact" to quote Cranky. Thus the world is still flat.

If scientists say the sky is falling, the sky is falling. Secret Hint: it’s just rain.

Hillside erosion at the Indian Island County Park (now there’s an insensitive name if there ever was one) revealed an ancient Indian burial ground, exposing bone fragments and other artifacts.

Mr. Bernstein’s conclusions... "such discoveries are a clear sign of the impact of global warming." The implication is that it’s man-caused, of course. When the MSL goes down as it inevitably will, will that be man’s fault too? Of course it will. Environmentalists will have stopped all manufacturing and man will have died off for the most part, and the sea level will increase and environmentalists will scream "see, it's "man's" fault because he didn't put enough greenhouse gases in the air."

So, erosion has been taking place on earth for what, 4-billion years...thus the earth has been warming since that time? Please Mr. Bernstein, engage your brain before engaging your mouth. There was erosion even during the ice age Mr. Scientist Bernstein. Hey Bernstein, ever been to the Mississippi. There’s a city there that just about got blown away built on eroded soil.

Here’s a chart of sea level changes courtesy of - heaven forbide: EXXON, an oil corporation.

Please note the level of the sea 250-million years ago was about the same as it is today. NG

Question for today: if environmentalists eliminate all human beings from the earth and it returns to its pristine condition, will there be anyone to enjoy it?

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