Sunday, November 20, 2005


The Associated Press claims it's covering the Iraq war fairly and completely. It constantly reports the tally of US Soldiers who have died in the conflict, both in battle and accidently.

I want to know when AP is going to start constantly tallying and reporting the number of Iraqi Muslims killed in suicide bombings by other Muslims? AP's reporting is more favorable to Zarqawi than to Iraqis trying to free themselves from terrorism. I want to see the number of Muslims killed by al Qaeda's Zarqawi in banner headlines displayed for the Arab world to see. But AP is so warped it won't report the truth.

AP reporters and editors make me sick. It's no longer a news organization, it's a flack machine for murderers. I wonder how AP reporters justify being flacks for murderers.

Why does AP want American soldiers to die? Everything AP reports on the war says it wants America to fail. Would AP have reported WWII the same way? No, because the reporters back then were honest, with honest editors, not the bunch of shills-for-hate we have today. AP continues its sickness.

TIME magazine is capitalizing Democrat but NOT Republican. Check out "Getting the Lowdown on Iraq" By SALLY B. DONNELLY TIME on line.


Anonymous said...

They are digging their own graves. Too bad they're not as concerned at the amount of people that die from domestic violence and DWI.
Like soldiers never died before in war? Not to downplay it but let's focus people!

NewGnome said...

They're focused, TOS, just not on reality.