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Dick Wolf, the Jewish producer of LAW and ORDER never wastes an opportunity to belittle the beliefs and values of Christians. Yet in another case of anti-Christian bias on “Law and Order: Special Vicitims Unit” Wolf directly attacks Christians. The episode “Rockabye” as the summary reads: “runaway teenage girl is found badly beaten, doctors discover the beating killed her unborn child, and detectives begin to question the father” is a blatant example.

This episode is a study in bias and anti Christian bigotry. First of all, even the Yahoo TV listings summary is incorrect. The girl is NOT a runaway. Her father bought her ticket and put her on the bus and she had a place in NY to stay.

What the Jewish Wolf does, is set up a scenario so blatantly prejudice, he is doing nothing more than what Nazi’s did creating crimes ex post facto to kill Jews. Just like Hitler, Wolf sets up a “strawman” (Christian of course) and makes his actions dictate the story.

Girl gets pregnant.
She has given an oath in her “Christian” church not to engage in sex before marriage.
She breaks her oath “the Golden Promise” which is subtly belittled by script dialogue.
Wolf makes sure you understand she is a Christian by showing her singing in the church choir.
Of course, the boy who got her pregnant is also a member of the choir and has also sworn the oath.
The girl uses a ruse (looking for colleges to attend) to trick her father into allowing her to take a trip to New York.
The trip is really to get an abortion since parental notification in her state is a requirement and she is portrayed as being too afraid to tell her father.
Wolf sets up the “strawman” father by establishing that he is a callous father because he kicked his first daughter out of the house when she had sex, thus setting up the younger daughter’s fear of her father doing the same to her.
The boyfriend goes to New York too.
Initially, the boy is portrayed as wanting her to get an abortion and beats the girl until she loses the baby.
The girl has the boy beat her stomach to kill the child because it is to late for a legal abortion.
Wolf’s script then insures that the description of the baby is “fetus” because to label the baby, “a baby” would anger his feminist friends.
Of course, Wolf has the father immediately reject his younger daughter.
Again, by implication Wolf demeans the Christian concept of forgiveness and love.
Wolf also by implication, tars all Christian fathers with hate and malice.
Next Wolf attacks the concept of abstinence for teenagers.
He has Richard Belzer, also a Jewish actor, delivers a long demeaning rant about the failure of abstinence and attacks those who even suggest it, much less try to practice it.
Wolf then has Christopher Meloni deliver a poorly written and inadequate defense of abstinence.
Wolf’s depiction of the hateful Christian father is deliberate.
The abortion clinic is portrayed as a false clinic set up by right-to-life zealots.
Wolf has the “fake abortion” clinic Doctor purposefully and illegally delay the time the girl can still have an abortion until its too late.
Of course, the doctor is also the bad guy along with the father, and by BLATANT implication Christianity.
And I didn’t even get into the side plot of a liberal judge recusing herself because of her feminist pro-baby-killing biases.
Even as the prosecutor, actress Diane Neal, talks to the feminist pro-abortion judge, she has to give her pro feminist-pro-abortion bona fides so she doesn’t offend pro-abortion feminists.

The anti-Christian elements of this episode are amazing in their scope and hate.

Wolf likes to claims that his stories are “ripped from the headlines.” That is only partially true. They’re only ripped from the headlines when a story justifies Wolf’s far-left liberal agenda. If the headlines don’t fit his agenda, the stories are changed to make sure that liberal orthodoxy is followed. I’m sorry a good man like Fred Thompson has forfeited his principles for Hollywood money.

Just consider:

l. Would Wolf, and his other Jewish writers and producers, have set this story in a strict Hasidic Jewish religious community and portrayed the father as a hateful Jew as he did to this Christian father? NO!
2. Would Wolf and his other Jewish writers and producers Ted Kotcheff and Neal Baer, write a story attacking the practice of honor-killings of Muslim girls and making Islam his primary target as he did targeting Christianity in this case? NO!

In this one episode, Wolf:

attacks Christian fathers!
attacks abstinence and those who advocate it!
attacks parental notification!
attacks Christians and Christian values!
advocates murdering unborn babies!
criminalizes people who oppose abortions!
belittles personal Christian efforts to keep promises!
promotes and excuses teenaged promiscuity!
promotes feminist licentious values!
perpetuates the definition as unborn babies as fetuses!

These types of attacks, in Wolf’s “hate-Christians” world, happen all the time. The attacks are sometimes subtle but they appear constantly throughout Wolf’s scripts. What right does this Jewish person have to perpetually attack Christians and their beliefs.

I’ve been a fan of Law and Order for years when politics and religion are left out. But finally the constant barrage of anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-American tenor and tone of the show have become too much to bear.

Just consider how totally skewed and dishonest Wolf’s portrayal of the “Minutemen” was in a recent episode on Law and Order. Wolf does it all the time. Wolf and his other Jewish producers have exceeded even their own bounds of perpetual bigotry and Christian hate.



"Rockabye" 11-22-05
When a runaway teenage girl is found badly beaten, doctors discover the beating killed her unborn child, and detectives begin to question the father.

Cast: Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Dann Florek, Tracy Marrow, B.D. Wong, Diane Neal, Tamara Tunie, Keri Lynn Pratt, Skipp Sudduth, Annie Potts, Fred Dalton Thompson, Judith Light, John Patrick Medori .

Producer(s): Dick Wolf, Ted Kotcheff, Neal Baer.


Anonymous said...

I always liked Law and Order but I also noticed (of course since Bush took office),Wolf's political agenda. See it's ok for the left to but oh Fox News is so evil when thry report the news. Did you hear now that Giant Stadium is now designating a place for Muslims to pray? As long as it's not Christians praying because they are the evil ones.
I hope alot of these networks lose viewers because they just don't know when to stop it. And frankly I'm getting tired of them sneeking their views into ordinary TV shows.

NewGnome said...

To me it's simple religious bigotry. And of course, the attacks on Bush or anything conservative are endless.

By the way, have you noticed that Cranky liberal is always anti-Christian but could care less about Islam that's killing more people than any religion.

For all his complaints about religion, he sure does preach a lot. His sermons are about hate and bigotry. NG