Sunday, November 13, 2005


Dean the “DUCK.” So we now know what kind of animal Howard Dean is... no longer the Sasquatch screecher of Iowa. He ducked a face to face meeting with RNC chair Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press. So Dean the Duck is also Howard the Coward.

He has also been a miserable failure at raising money for the Democrats trailing Republican fund raising by a mile. Thank you Democrats for electing him.


Anonymous said...

Just another cry baby of the left!

Tori said...

He's a whackjob. The only better guy for the job would've been Al Gore!

NewGnome said...

Interesting to me that the only two guys who had a chance are both off the wall.
Don't they have any real level headed people in the Democrat party anymore? NG

Anonymous said...

You just want to punch out those whining,no agenda(except to bash)asshats. I can't even look at them anymore because it's always more of the same(crap)

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Ranting Republican said...

I love Dean - every morning I wake up and pray that he was on some talk show or gave a speech somewhere! The more he talks, the more ridiculous he becomes - or I guess in this case, the less he talks and doesn't show up!