Friday, November 18, 2005


The fiberal agenda dominating all facets of most mainstream media outlets and the bias has destroyed the credibility of the newspapers, magazines, radio and television outlets.

Jayson Blair, Bob Woodword, Judith Miller, Mary Mapes, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, John Seigenthaler, Katie Couric, Paul Krugman, Mike Wallace, Walter Cronkite...........the list is endless that are examples of destroying their own honesty to promote a liberal agenda.

Newspaper circulationis going down the toilet. ABC CBS and NBC with their cable versions are not trusted. The Bob Woodward coverup is the perfect example of the media in general and the Washington Post editor hiding critical information about knowing Valerie Plame’s name of the dishonest media types trying to destroy the BUSH administration by hiding information that would have exonerated Scooter Libby, an indictment that never should have happened.

As a former journalist/TV anchor, the bias that is so prevelant and pervasive, everything these so called honest journalists is a contradiction in terms. The mainstream media is now a formal arm of the Democrat party and fiberal sycophants. The media as we knew it 50 years ago is dead.

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