Friday, November 04, 2005


When it comes to personal violence, it’s the wild-eyed fiberals
who set the standard.


Al Franken in a TV skit smashes a guy with a stool ...FROM THE BACK...
while his fiberal friend kicks the guy when he’s down. These are the
guys you want to vote for? Talk about the lack of judicial temperament.

George Clooney attacks a British security guard at a restaurant without
provocation because the anti-war "star" is slightly inconvenienced. This while promoting his film calling the “McCarthy” hearings violence against Hollywood.

How many times has Sean Penn, who carries a gun but preaches
anti-gun rhetoric, attacked people and been arrested for
illegal possession of a gun? Is his true persona revealed in
“Mystic River?”

And of course the perpetual anti-gun diva Rosie O’Donnell has
her body guards carry guns without permits.

These people are representatives of the so-called party of peace. No, just
more examples of the “Heros of Hate.”
Does it never end?

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