Saturday, November 05, 2005


With the French rioting spreading into the non-Muslim areas
I’m wondering if the average Frenchman is wishing he had a second

If this were happening in our country, with what has become the religious hate
machine known as Islam which was burning our cities and killing our people,
at least we would have a chance to defend ourselves.

These so called Jidhadists were so courageous that they
poured gas on a woman and set her on fire. If this is what is being
taught in Muslim Mosques they are a very sick people.


A Christian Prophet said...

I'm led to believe that they need more than a second ammendment. They need a truly free market economy which will produce the opportunities they really want.

NewGnome said...

A “truly free market” for whom? The French? They have a semi-free market already, although it’s could barely be compared to the American “free market.”

If it were just the “French” I might agree. But the problem is with the radical Islamic preaching that seems to be prevalent in almost all Mosques.

The Muslims don’t want a free market economy, they want to forced conversion to Islam of “infidels” or death of those infidels.

Anonymous said...
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