Thursday, November 10, 2005


David Smith’s "Cubi XXVII" sold for 24 million dollars at Sotheby’s yesterday. As a sculptor myself, I’ve studied the piece in some detail.

In a sudden burst of insight, I realized the name of the sculpture was wrong. While it appears to have been created by a drunk kindergartner, it has real meaning when applied to a political party.

I would change the name to “The Fiberal Democrat Party.”

It’s the perfect illustration of Fiberal political perversion.
It’s glitzy yet useless.
It’s loud without saying anything.
It’s excessively expensive but without value.
It’s a distortion of reality while polluting the visual.
It’s parts are ill-matched yet forced together.
It’s a concoction of dissimilar discord.
It’s dishonest in its construction.
It’s flagrantly simplistic masquerading as complex.
It’s hateful without discrimination.
It’s ugly.

David Smith's CubiXXVII Posted by Picasa

In short it’s a sculpture of a fiberal Democrat. Using the new name it’s a graphic display of FIBERALS.

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