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LIBERAL VET who demanded I write this won’t read it because he has far-left leanings and liberal opinions (He comments on NewsGnome as LV). He sent me a series of comments he claims are from 60-Minutes editorialist Andy Rooney criticizing America as usual. If these are truly Rooney’s conclusions they are so absurd he is pathetic. Thus I respond:

ROONEY: U.S. is spending 5.6 billion a month in Iraq in a war we should never gotten into. 139-thousand Soldiers are still there and more than 2,000 have died. For What?

NEWSGNOME: FOR WHAT, Mr. Rooney! Obviously to improve the chances of stopping more 911s in America and in the process, plant the seeds of freedom in the middle east as we did in Japan and Germany. Rooney apparently perfers that Americans, both soldiers and civilians, die on American soil instead of taking the war to the terrorist's lair.

As an imperial monarchy, after WWII it was said, Japan would never accept democracy, like Rooney those conclusions were wrong. Japan understands democracy now and is helping establish it in Iraq with both soldiers and money. Rooney actively ignores the fact that Bush has succeeded, we have not had one al Qaeda attack on America since the War on Terror started.

Germany did not attack us. We attacked them without direct provocation. Rooney seems to think that imposing democracy on Germany and Japan was acceptable, but not on Iraq. 157-thousand soldiers are still in Iraq doing an excellent job. Iraqis voted in huge numbers for their new constitution. There are improvements in Iraq every day, and the insurgency is being fomented from the safe haven across the borders of Baathist Iran and Syria.

Rooney demeans the sacrifice of American Soldiers in providing freedom to Iraqis who suffered unimaginably under Saddam, and Rooney could care less about the mass graves, rape and torture rooms or gassing of civilians. Saddam murdered 100-thousand Iranian soldiers with WMD gas.

Saddam and his regime were killing people an average of about 400 people per day for every day he was in power with the wars and assassinations of his own people. Rooney is a hateful, selfish-indulgent man who doesn't care about the lives of Iraqis.

In WWII 405-thousand American soldiers died to stop Hitler and Hirohito (the Asian Hitler). Hypocrite Rooney found that number acceptable and that war worth fighting.
In WWII 24-million soldiers and 38-million civilians died. Rooney didn’t complain about those deaths. During WWII an average of 187 American soldiers died every day. During the Iraq war an average of 2.1 American soldiers have died per day up until November 6, 2005. Every soldier is precious, but apparently Rooney thinks the WWII rate of 187 per day is better than two.

And by the way Rooney, in today’s dollars we spent 147 billion dollars a month on WWII because Chamberlain and the French were such cowards. The French surrendered in two weeks when the Germans invaded.

ROONEY: We’ve got to pay for hurricane reconstruction. One way we pay for things is by borrowing and cutting expenditures. We’re cutting Medicare prescriptions, highway construction, farm payments, Amtrack, National Public Radio and student loans.

NEWSGNOME: As if natural disasters didn’t occur during WWII. We handled both then and can now. Rooney is just greedy and wants to hord his money.
Our economy is humming along at 3.8 and that even with
the hurricanes. Unemployment below most of figures during the Clinton years. Home ownership at historic all time highs. Inflation low. Gas prices are coming down. Today the Muslims are giving the French their comeuppance for playing the Chamberlain role.
Cutting Prescriptions: flat out lie...They didn’t exist before BUSH.
Cutting Highway construction: Another Rooney Lie - cuts are in the rate of growth...highway construction is higher this year than last still growing.
Cutting farm payment: Hypocrite...liberals are against farm subsidies then he complains they’re being cut.
Cutting Amtrack: It should be eliminated not cut.
Cutting Public Radio: Joan Kroc gave NPR $200 million. NPR ought to pay for itself. It should be eliminated too.
Cutting Student Loans: Lie again. It’s the rate of growth...and why not make some of those liberals who refused to repay their student loans pay up.

ROONEY: We’re building weapons we’ll never use.
Japan, Italy and Russia are spending very little money on their military while America is Spending $455-billion.
An Abrams tank costs 150 times as much as a Ford Station wagon.
We have 10-thousand nuclear weapons, enough to destroy all of mankind.
Too many officers in the military.

NEWSGNOME: So now Rooney you’re psychic with a crystal ball? You can see into the future and know exactly what we won’t need. What utter nonsense. Rooney certainly didn’t predict 911, how can he predict what weapons we’ll need. It’s always somewhat of a guess. Glad we had the weapons we did in the Gulf War and the War on terrorism. Those who are unprepared for war are perpetually doomed to have it.

The reason Japan and Italy don’t spend money on their own defense is because they depend on America so they won’t have to spend their own money. Stupid Rooney should have said Japan and Italy should be helping pay America for providing for their defense.

Russia on the other hand, has so corrupted its economy it simply can’t afford to spend more. Their own leaders are again robbing their citizens blind but instead of Communist tyrrany it's Russian mafia corruption.

Cost of Abrams tanks: And this is the same Andy Rooney who criticized Rumsfeld for not having enough armor on the Humvees in Iraq. So you’re suggesting Mr. Rooney that we fight wars with Ford station wagons. What an idiot.

Nuclear Weapons: Thanks to Bill Clinton, the Chinese now have missile guidance systems that can guide their nuclear weapons all the way to America. Rooney didn’t complain about Clinton putting America under the threat of these Chinese nuclear weapons. I’m glad we have the ten thousand, China will think twice about attacking us. And that doesn’t even count North Korea or Iran which are both in a mad rush to create nuclear missiles.

China has a standing army of 2.5 million armed soldiers. If we had to institute the draft, we'd have a ready-made command structure with the a trained corp of officers. Taiwan is a war waiting to happen.

ROONEY: Eisenhower was a great general and president.
He quoted Eisenhower: “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. …" Well, Ike was right. That's just what’s happened.

NEWSGNOME: I’m amazed Rooney likes any military man. Of course, he twisted Eisenhower’s meaning beyond recognition. Rooney fails to put Eisenhower’s comments in context of a world threat. Just think of what the French are going through and because of their “enlightened” policies they really have no way to fight the Muslim hate mongers now ripping their country apart.

If saving America were left to the Rooneys of the world, we’d be speaking German or Arabic. NG

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As usual, your comments are insightful and gripping. It's only a matter of time before you'll be asked to defend these cutting-edge views on talk shows and in the national papers. Keep up the good work!

Awesome stuff.