Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Fiberal hypocrite liars support opposite decisions. On the one hand liberals are having cows about even the possibility of teaching intelligent design in public school along with Darwinism. They say that you can’t dictate what is being taught in schools if the fibs don’t agree with it.

Then these same fiberals support just the opposite decision of the 9th circuit court appeals that told parents they don’t have any right to stop the school from teaching sexuality to children as young as six and quizzing those same children about their sexuality.

So typical of liberals, schools don’t have a right to teach intelligent design to which some parents object, but schools do have a right to teach sexuality to six-year-olds and the parents don’t have the right to object.

I really wonder how such people can keep diametrically opposed concepts in their minds and defend both with the same intensity. Its a typical fiberal uncontrollable brain disorder. The truth is that fiberals have one brain but two halves that are not connected.

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