Saturday, November 26, 2005


Democrats and fiberals predicting doom and gloom for President George Bush are failing. With no plans of their own, they will continue to twist in the wind. Their effort to steal Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America will fail, as will their cute little nasty phrases which are not a substitute for substance.

Any comedian will tell you timing is everything. Fortunately, President Bush has had some of the best timing of any president despite what D and G Democrats claim and has faced more major catastrophes in a shorter time than any president in history. The worst problems of his administration have occurred during the first year of the first term and the first year of his second term. Both were horrendous periods of time, but everything now is on an upward rapidly improving curve.

Time is on his side. Even with the elections coming up, he’s in a good position. By next Thanksgiving, the war will be winding down, the economy will be humming, stock market strong and Americans will be feeling very satisfied.

* The stock market will continue to be around the 11-thousand level and probably go to 11,300, a level during the Clinton hot air bubble economy, although this economy isn’t full of hot air as was Clinton’s economy.

* Interest rates will level out and remain stable for a couple of years stabilizing housing with slightly slower growth.

* The Iraq insurgency is being rendered leaderless and the so-called Arab-Street anger will shift from the US toward Zarqawi as we have already seen. Coalition troops will begin to head home.

* The Iraq Sunnis, so they won’t be left out, will vote in significant numbers and finally find the value of democracy. With fits and starts, democracy will succeed in Iraq while pressure will be placed on other middle eastern Islmac tyrants.

* Employment will remain at nearly full-employment levels.

* Unemployment will stay low.

* Immigration will get the attention it deserves bringing the Republican base back to strength.

* Scotter Libby and Tom DeLay will be exonerated causing apoplexy for the wild-eye left now in charge of the Democrat party and take away ammunition from their arsenal.

*Howard Dean, will be replaced as party chair because he is a failure, causing a deep split between the angry left and America’s real Democrats.

*Karl Rove, will continue to cause major heartburn for fiberals everywhere and the far-left rhetoric will get even worse, if that’s possible.

*Hillary Clinton’s effort to be everything to everybody will fail because she can’t lie nearly as well as her husband. Mark Warner will be the Democrat nominee for president in 2008 and he will face George Allen.

All the trash talk by fiberals and the cranky fiberals, and Cindy Sheehans will have been for naught because in the end there are two issues on which campaigns turn...Wallets and Wars.

Bush is winning both.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to say "I told you so" to some people.