Monday, October 31, 2005


Hint: it isn't the Republicans

Why is it that Democrats are always the ones who bring
up a person's race, color, ethnicity, or sex? It’s actually very simple.

It is because they have no political ideas and their agenda amounts to,
how can we hate Bush today. Thus, Democrats pit the civil rights
of one group against the civil rights of another.

Just read what the main issue with President Bush’s Samuel Alito
Supreme Court nominee is....his Italian heritage. The President could
have nominated a black woman or a Hispanic man, except, the
Democrats announced they would stop the first Black woman
or Hispanic man with a which party is really the party
of inclusion... the Democrats? I think not!

In other words, Democrats focus on America’s differences in order to gain
power. All they do is obstruct, delay, filibuster, impede.
A bankrupt party with a bankrupt agenda.


Anonymous said...

That is so them NG. Yep they bring up things with no backing of course in order to bring down the republicans. And the funny thing is that minorities believe it when they're being fed this garbage. They should think their intelligence is being insulted instead of falling for it.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Italian Americans no matter what the political affiliation. Where is that "lengthy post" on Andy's 60 minutes comments I sent you? Could it be you're having difficulty responding? Could it be all facts were verifiable? LV

NewGnome said...

LV, what are you doing back here, you were so angry last time you screamed you weren't going to came back...but thanks for reminding me of Rooney.

I'll get to that...with the way he looks though, he'll probably be dead in a year or so. I'll do it as a memorial to his stupidity or when the fiberals keep their mouths shut for two second, which is unlikely.

Fiberals have been so utterly idiotic in the current news lately, the opinons of an old senile relic like Rooney aren't very important.

I take it by your comment about Italians, you is one. Does that mean you'll be supporting that hateful mean-spirited, anti-abortion right-winger...HUMMMMMMMMM?

I, of course, will be. Miers was a nice woman, but out of her league.
Alito, on the otherhand, is certainly not. His league is the supreme court. I still would have like to see Janice Rogers Brown, but thanks to fiberals...Bush ducked the fight. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

You misinterpret my disdain for your opinion as anger. I am Italian , yes. Sicilian to be more specific, as many Italians do not consider us Italians. I believe the newest nominee is qualified. I would rather see a qualified person on the supreme court, at least his/her decisions would be based on the constitution and not religion. Would You agree with separation of Church and State?

It doesn't serve any purpose to insult Mr Rooney. It seems beneath you. LV

NewGnome said...

As though you haven't tried to insulted me. With what you have called me your statement "It seems beneath you" is ridiculous. Insulting the fiberal mentality and idiocy of their comments is what I do.

What is it with you fiberals and religion. Religion played a huge part in providing the basis for the Constitution. Why are you so afraid of the religions that helped found this country. Are you so weak, and without argument that all you can do is have distain. I'm surprised you'd support Alito, he a "good Italian boy" (read Catholic" as Mike Wallace slurred him.

Had you been spewing your anti-religion tripe when the constitution was'd have been laughed out of Philadelphia.

NewGnome said...

An insensative remark just for LV.....and excuse my French...One of the biggest a--h---s I know is Italian, whose whole platform is porno for all, booze for everybody and gambling everywhere, that's his religion. Is it yours too?

Then again, several of my all-time favorite people are also there you go.