Monday, November 21, 2005


Common Sense, a politically conservative publication at Stetson University, published a picture of a gay-pride flag with an almost transparent question mark over it. University officials pressured Common Sense not to distribute the inaugural publication containing the picture.

So the first amendment is trashed on the possibility that the picture “MIGHT” be interpreted as hostile to homosexuals....I repeat, “MIGHT” be hostile!

Compare that to New Jersey Warren Community College English professor John DALY’s real hate speech. In trying to stop a freshman coed who had invited an Iraqi War hero to speak on his campus, wrote in an email to the coed, Rebecca Beach: "Real freedom will come when soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." College officials said he had freedom of speech and won’t criticize him.

What if I suggested: “Real freedom will come when students in college turn their guns on commie-con English professors trying to force indoctrinate students with hateful liberalism.” You can bet that same college professor would be calling that hate speech and demand I stop.


Anonymous said...

Always a double standard NG. Like when Bill Clinton went to speak to Asian students 200 miles near the war zone and spoke against the war,now I wonder what the reaction would have been if Bush Sr. or Jimmy Carter went to Bosnia and spoke against that war? Hmmmmm!

NewGnome said...

Isn't it interesting that they never seem to give their critical speeches on American soil? NG

Anonymous said...

Yeah,they like to spread the hate throughout the rest of the world,real nice.