Sunday, October 16, 2005


Hearing Bill Clinton would make a magot puke.

I’m tired of hearing Bill Clinton trashing President Bush on foreign soil
and trying to cozy up at the same time. He doesn’t deserve to be heard
on anything.

Fiberals always say Conservative attacks on Clinton’s putrid presidency was just about sex. Well, it wasn’t. Thanks, in part, to the National Review on Line and some of my own items, here are some reasons to tell Bill Clinton to SHUT UP!

Paying nuclear blackmail to North Korea - they now have Nuclear weapons.
Siccing the FBI on Billy Dale - destroying the reputation of an honest man.
Siccing the IRS on conservatives organizations - using IRS power to destroy.
Siccing IRS on citizens who disagreed with Hillary - destroying regular Americans.
Defending partial-birth abortion - stabbing partially born babies in the brain to die.
Keeping D.C. kids trapped in rotten schools - refusing DC kids vouchers.
Draft-dodging - admitting to hating the military and dodging the draft.
Firing all the U.S. attorneys - installing hundreds of Clinton cronies against tradition.
Renting Lincoln bedroom for campaign funds - utter disrespect for American history.
Apologizing to whole continents - with no moral authority or right to do so.
Making state troopers pimps - turning public servants into a hooker pickup service.
Making Betty Currie a pimp - forcing an otherwise honest black women to lie.
Hush money for Hubbell - getting payoff bucks to stop Hubbell’s testimony.
Gutting the military - making it almost incapable of defending we Americans.
Ostentatiously carrying Bible - picture-op, Bible never opened by Clinton.
Mogadishu disaster - Clinton’s lack of preparation set in motion Osama bin Laden.
“Ignorance” of Rwanda genocide - first “black” president abandoned African blacks.
Selling missile guidance system to China - it will eventually cost American lives.
Promise to taking the troops out of Kosovo in a year- American troops still there.
Failure to respond to six major terrorist attacks - clueless about terrorism.
Keeping intelligence agencies from sharing information - allowed 911.
Stealing historical White House furniture for his house - defines his charactor.

Bill Clinton’s is one of the worst presidencies
ever to have been inflicted on America.

President Bush has done some stupid things. Engaging Bill Clinton to “serve” America in resurrecting the "knee-pad" president's decomposing legacy is one of the worst. Using his father's credibility (George H. W. Bush) to assist Clinton in his rebuilding process makes me question “Dubya’s” sanity. The Harriet Miers nomination makes it just that much worse. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING MR. PRESIDENT?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

With Clinton it was all about polls. I'm glad Bush just does what he truly believes. The Harriet Miers thing though,can't explain that one.Maybe Bush is saying can't beat'em,join 'em. Let's hope that's not the case.