Saturday, October 15, 2005



or a reporter trying to be Wonder Woman.

I once had a big blogument with a poster over the fact that Michael Moore had used editing techniques to twist the meaning of President Bush’s words in his schlocumentary “Fahrenheit 911." The poster was shrill and revealed a complete lack of understanding of film editing. I told him I could tape his every word and movement for a month and using Moore's techniques make him sound like the ultimate Bush lover. He said Moore’s film was absolutely accurate.

Well, an NBC correspondent, AP writes, inadvertently proved my point in her LIVE New Jersey flooding report for the Today show.

The reporter was siting in a canoe on camera. There was no reference point illustrating the depth of the water but it appeared deep enough to require the canoe. In the middle of her report two men walked between the canoe and the camera showing that the canoe was in water no more than a couple of inches deep. The camera distorted the report making it appear as though the flooding in Wayne N.J. was worse than it was at that particular location.

This is a perfect example of how the news media distorts the “pictures” of their reports to justify the agenda of news organizations and make their report appear as “dramatic” as possible, and the reporter as intreped as possible.

Even Matt Lauer could hardly keep a straight face. It was obviously funny, but proved my point about the editing of video tape to present whatever point you want to make, just as Moore twisted his tape editing to put President Bush in the worst possible light.

The reporter’s name is Michelle Kosinski. Thanks Michelle, but don’t look for many more gigs on NBC. When your film lies you lie. I love it when reporters get caught so blatantly distorting the news for their own ends. It happens among fiberal reporters much more than you might think.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that amazing what they do? I wonder if now some people will realize the spin. What are they trying to prove? That Bush is flooding all the states in the country? I can't believe what the media is doing. Although I'm not surprised. I must say another point for the conservatives. I'll bet the liberal newspapers won't be covering that story so it is our job to spread the word.