Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Below is a list of donors giving relief efforts and money for the disastrous earthquake in Pakistan that may have killed 30 to 40 thousand people and left millions homeless and hurting. The list is taken directly from the UK’s Independent OnLine report.

Do you notice who’s missing from the list...The greedy Hugo Chavez of Venezula whose country is raking in billions from oil sales. Where is Saudia Arabia. They are a totally Muslim (not to mention stingy) country failing to help fellow Islamic state Pakistan. Where is Russia. Where is Belize, France, Germany, the Netherland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, Libya, Spain, Syria, Iran, India, China, Japan....where are the billions from them? The rest of the world demands America not act as the policeman of the world, just the one who hands out all the money! Is it to little to late, as NBC’s John Seigenthaler is fond of saying, just because it is impossible to provide instant relief half a world away?

America has been spinning from two major natural disasters of our own within weeks of each other, not to mention the effort to keep radical Muslims from blowing up our country. We have given billions to the monstrous Indonesian tsunami. It’s time for the rest of the world to step forward...where are they? Since Islamic countries don’t want Americans on their soil...I think it’s time for them and the rest of the world take to the major responsibility in this disaster. Let the UN do it. They’re such a paragon of virtue and care and so efficient....let them get the money from these countries, before they come demanding and accusing at America’s door. Better yet, why don’t we get some of the billions Kofi Annan’s son and other UN officials stole from the food-for-oil fiasco to help the victims.

Donors so far:

Britain: £1m
United States: £50m plus helicopters
European Union: €3.6m plus aid workers on the ground
United Nations: $100,000
Kuwait: $100m
South Korea: $3m
Malaysia: $1m
Australia: $4.2m
Sri Lanka: $100,000

The world doesn’t want our help....OK lets not give it to them....let others do the leading this time. We’ll sit back and criticize their inadequate efforts.

Fed up......NG


Anonymous said...

It ceases to amaze me. Of course you'll never hear the left demanding the UN get tough on those countries. And you wouldn't hear them demanding the US give and give and give if there were a democrat president. Not they need to demand now because we have always been generous. The bottom line is they just have an agenda.
Of course they hate us till they need help. But we are friendly with India and Pakistan.
So they all better keep their pie holes shut. I wonder how much Ted Kennedy is giving from his fortune?

NewGnome said...

Ted only gives other people's fortunes. NG

Anonymous said...

Hey NG check out this girl's site. I think you will like it


NewGnome said...

Good one tos...gave it a quick check out and had to run, get back to it later. NG

Ranting Republican said...

Great blog you got here! I'll be linking to yours on mine! Keep up the good work :)

Tori said...

I like your blog! i'm rantingrepublican's sister and I'm going to link to you too! My blog is partially politics and partly about teaching :)

NewGnome said...

Congrats on dumping a fiberal...that can't be all bad. NG

Put you and RR on my blog list.

NewGnome said...

RR: reciprocating. NG