Saturday, October 08, 2005


Hillary Clinton and her lawyers are doing everything they can to hide the results of an investigation into former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros. Why, because the investigation by Independent Counsel David Barrett was expanded to include abuses by the Clinton Justice Dept. and the use of IRS audit attacks of organizations and citizens.

Consider: every single woman who made any accusation against Bill Clinton was audited, more than a dozen. What are the odds of that. Hillary had Bill appoint her personal friend Peggy Richardson as IRS Commissioner, and when any woman accused Bill or any person wrote a letter to the editor critical of Hillary’s socialized medicine...within weeks that person would be audited. That was my case and several others of which I became aware. The IRS audited two years of my returns and manufactured a justification for the audit

The attack caused a major medical problem for me. I wish I could sue. It was a year’s worth of pressure, constant attacks and bizarre accusations by a particular agent, a woman, like Hillary and Peggy. Finally I demanded an appeal after a wild conclusion by the agent. The IRS appointed a second agent, a male, and my case was suddenly settled within a hour an a half. I owed a whopping $312, not the more than the grotesque $17,000 that the previous attacking agent with her Hillaryorized agenda, claimed.

Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal reveals that for the first time in history, the IRS has been investigated using grand jury subpoena powers. That’s what Hillary, her attorneys and cronies in Congress are trying to suppress. Will Barrett’s investigation be made public, not if Clinton can squelch it. The reports been done for more than a year. I believe the report, which has been finished for more than a year, will reveal personal attacks on conservative organizations and individuals by the Hillary controlled IRS.

If this were a report on conservatives, the fiberals would be screaming at the tops of their lungs to make it public. But as dishonest as Democrats are, there is, of course, no such demand.

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The liberals are like a pouting child,trying to get therway.